Word 9: Voice


I thought of Whitney Houston immediately. "The Voice".

She had impeccable voice control, clarity, range and projection. Her gift was unparalleled and I miss her kind of talent.

Here are some little known facts about your voice/vocal chords:

1. Prior to the Renaissance period, the voice was thought to be ‘sent forth by the heart’.

2. ‘Vocal cords’ are now more accurately known as ‘vocal folds’, to reflect the different layers of muscle, ligament and membrane that make up their structure.

3. The normal anatomy of the human body includes both ‘false’ vocal folds and ‘true’ vocal folds.

4. Many of the muscles used for swallowing are also used for talking.

5. Fluids we drink for hydrating the body do not coat and lubricate the vocal folds directly. If that were to happen, we would choke and cough badly!

6. Whispering may actually make your vocal folds work harder.

7. Maximum phonation time (MPT) is the average time during which an individual can sustain a sound (with one breath) at a comfortable pitch and loudness. An MPT of more than 15 seconds is commonly considered to be normal for adults.

8. Women are thought to be more talkative than men, but males have been found to have a longer MPT than females in some studies.

9. Voice problems usually have multiple causes. Even with good voicing technique that optimizes breathing, vocal fold vibration and amplification, it is still possible to develop a problem if other lifestyle and medical issues are not addressed.

10. In Singapore, voice therapy is provided by speech therapists, and specialized clinics to assess the voice are available in restructured hospitals like SGH.


...and there ya have it. I went the easy route. I have been slacking the last two days. :(

2 scopers scoping:

No Labels said...

This was very informative. I'm not mad at you! Thanks.

Thee_Kween said...

LOL, thanks. I have to be crafty

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