Dia Doce~ Something I Never Get Compliments On

I don't know.

I wanted to say, my looks...but that's not true. People DO tell me that I'm very cute, pretty, beautiful...and even the occasional gorgeous.

I think dudes say I'm sexy...sometimes. lol

I've already covered the smarts...
People say I'm nice...
A good person...
yadda yadda...

OH...I got it!

I never get told..."Kali, you're shape is FIYAH!" lmao I'm just sayin' y''s true. No one appreciates the rolls, flat booty and thunder thighs (well...a few have appreciated the thighs...but, IJS) lmao...the booty...well, that changes in the bent position. Everyone's got a booty bending over. LOL

Look!! Don't eye me like that. I couldn't think of anything and I've got 3 damn minutes to post this shit. lol

*batting eyelashes* LOL

7 scopers scoping:

25champ said...

lls @ bendover booty...thats a new 1. I've never seen anything but ur face so I will stick wit the ur beautiful compliment :)

Thee_Kween said...

@Champ~ I have to keep smiling and making fun of life. LOL Thank you for the compliment :) *blushing*

Butterfly Effect said...

GIRL.. that body is a coke bottle!!! WORK!!!!!

Thee_Kween said...

CTFU!!! A 2-liter? LMAO


you are beautiful and fabulous sis...

Mahoganydymond said...

hehehe... About the thighs... I think you are hella fine... I think you hella cute... I think you are hella goregous... Plus if you was any way near gay.. You know what I would say to you.. lol :)

You know you are the bomb Kali.. So if you don't get the compliments.. You already know... So that is what matters, right?

Thee_Kween said...

You are a HOT mess, Mah...but, that's why I love you! lol

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