Toddlers and Tiaras? WTF?

So...I see a commercial about an upcoming reality series called "Toddlers and Tiaras" on TLC. Documentation of parents and their children who participate in pageants. Now, beside the damn obvious...what is WRONG with this picture? Haven't these people seen or heard of Jon Benet Ramsey? Do you think that child is dead on accident? *rolling eyes* In this day and age of the molester...I would NOT put make up on my child and strut her across a stage looking like a miniature woman! I believe wholeheartedly that Jon Benet's death is a direct result of her being involved in those pageants...even if all it did was perpetuate an "attraction" if you her young self, that eventually ended in her death.

WHAT is to be gained by putting your child on display as young as 2yrs old? Dolled up and coached to pose, dance and speak like an adult. I'm in NO way comparing children to pets, but shit...yea, I am. LMAO. I hate when people dress their dogs up and groom them to look like camels and buffalo. (Check these pics) Curvy Queen showed me that and I fell out laughing...before I got MAD! Helpless animals being played with and used as entertainment piss me off. I doubt if a dog's thoughts could be read, you'd see "Dress me up like a bitch with pearls, a pleated skirt, polo shirt and pink sneakers on all paws" So, I see this is a very similar situation. Dressing up kids who have no control or say over what they grown ass folks, encouraged to play into an ALREADY skewed societal view of women.

Anyway...I'm done ranting. What yall think about this?

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Diamond~Star said...

I think it's crazy. I mean, I see nothing wrong with the baby contest. You know how it was back in the church they would have the baby contest, had nothing to do with what baby look the best, but more so which baby's parent raised the most money for that organization. None of those babies had Tiarra's when they won. Hell they were trying to crawl away from the front of the church so they could go PLAY!!! Maybe these parents who put their toddlers in these pagents are living their dreams and wants it to be a reality for their kid. I don't know.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

So I wasn't a pagent kid, but I was a print work model kid growing up and I hated every minute of it!

I can't see how any kid that young actually enjoys prancing around with make up on and getting all prepped up. It's as if the mothers are living their lives through their little kids!

And 'f' your visual verification! lol

Da_Kween said...

@Diamond~ I can dig a cute lil baby contest. Where babies are in pictures BEING babies...ya know? But don't dress up a child in sequined ball gowns, give em heels and a made up face and call it cute. It's creepy.

@FBC~ Imma need you to quit telling me about this visual verification. Sounds like a problem on YOUR end buddy! LOL

btw...lemme see your pics? I wanna see if your head was big even way back then. CTFU

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here watching this very show right now and cringing. Besides the obvious, it seems that all the moms are morbidly obese and are trying to live through their kids. Why is it that the moms that could never do this on their own feel the need to live through their kids doing this? It has to border on child cruelty watching how the parents react when their kids don't win. Weird.
It is hard enough raising healthy adjusted girls, don't subject them to this. Ken

Da_Kween said...

I do think this is a case of vicarious dreaming. Sad, to burden a kid with your dreams before they ever get a chance to have their own.

Thanks for stopping by, Ken

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