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Favorite Romantic Movie

The Notebook...

I could've said, "Love Jones"...because honestly, that movie rocks and one of the key lines in that movie that speak to me is, "I love you...and that's urgent like a mothafucka!". I mean, in the day and age of excuses upon reasons upon alibis, upon treasons for why one cannot sounds good coming out of a man's mouth that love is about urgency...even if it's just a line in a movie. I loved me some Darius and Nina...because they spoke to me as a couple who were both so artistic and bonded off of those passionate stanzas and camera clicks. I could've chosen them...

Or "Titanic" with it's epic romance of obligatory relationships, love-at-first-sight whims, artistic interludes and music that could pluck the heart strings of even the coldest heart. I loved Jack and Rose...and how he showed her that she could let go and be answer the call of her heart without compromise. How to live for herself and not to be okay with not having the world in material have the world in her soul. Yea...I love them, too.

I could've picked, "Love and Basketball". Love one on one. "I'll play you for your heart..." MAN...I love that movie. Quincy and Monica...balling it out...and sometimes bawling it out in the name of love...oh, and basketball. lol. Yet another story that spoke to my love of love spanning from era to era. Young puppy love, high school love (at first unrequited), college sweethearts...and then going their separate ways. That moment, when you're in the middle of doing that thing that the two of you did together and wondering why you're doing it, now that you're apart. Could've picked them easily...

I could've chosen those (amongst countless others that have had me snotting as I lived vicariously through the lead couple's ups and downs, realizations and sometimes not-so-fairytale endings) but, the one that had the most range of love and emotions was, "The Notebook".

God, I could've been Allie. At one point in the movie...she's being asked what SHE wants and all she can think about is who she'll hurt. I could've been NOAH for goodness sakes...pining away for a lost love. Having that gaping void that no one could occupy but the one who made you freer than you ever thought you could be.

I loved how he courted her...persistent, with all he had, big sweeping gestures...but then reinforcing them with the most tender moments. (I smile as I write) I loved how he wrote her a letter everyday for a year...that is fucking DEDICATION! Here he is, this young dude...could have any local chick and he's penning love notes for his lady...EVERYDAY for a YEAR! Man, folks can't even be consistent and CALL a bish everyday for a MONTH...and you have this cat using up the ink in his inkwell...messing up good paper (expensive as hell back then) to write someone who may never (and almost didn't ever) see them. Noah even renovated the house that they both dreamed would be their home. He did this even though he hadn't laid eyes on her in several years since their tragic break up. Even when they weren't together...he was living for her love. ~sigh~

Yet, the love that rounds it out the the spin on the story that begins the whole movie. Noah as an old in a nursing facility (though he doesn't have to) to tend to an ailing older Allie who is now suffering from dementia.

This dude is sitting there...DAILY, re-reading a book of their love story...JUST so he can capture a glimpse of the woman he remembers. The woman who remembers HIM. Imagine...loving someone SO much, that you cant and won't let go in your heart. You pursued them until you couldn't anymore...and then when given an opportunity, you seized it and was always willing to let them go if it was what THEY needed to do...loving someone enough to let them go. That hurts more than being let go or letting go because you felt they weren't the one. To have a chance to get right what went wrong is ain't everyone's story...but, it's a hell of a love story nonetheless.

Yea...The Notebook was and is a classic romantic movie for me. If it came on now (no commercial interruptions) I'd watch. I cannot watch that movie on network TV. It kills the flow. I must watch without any scenes being edited for a 2hr time slot. A story of epic proportions...spanning from sweetheart love to "the end of time" love. Everything I've ever thought love could be.

"Say, I'm a bird..."
"You're a bird! ..."
"Now say you're a bird..."
"If you're a bird...I'm a bird"


Chrisette Michelle's "Notebook"...not from the soundtrack of course...but apropos nonetheless ;)

11 scopers scoping:

The God'ess said...

I keep hearing about this movie...never seen it. But of had to pick my favorite. LOL

ConstantStateOThought said...

The Notebook is my all time favorite movie..EVER! I can't watch it without going through at least half a box of tissues. Anyone who can watch this movie without feeling every up and down they go through, has something missing inside of them. Awesome choice!

SOAP aka SoulofaPoet said...

That gets me EVERYTIME!!! When they are in the rain & he asks her why she never wrote back,...... and the kiss. *SIGH* That skinny white dude becomes the sexy man in the world to me.

Mahoganydymond said...

I wasn't a fan of The Notebook... I do love me some Love Jones...

Humble BE said...

I love "the notebook" and "love jones" .. YES!!!!

Thee_Kween said...

God'ess~ Sowwy! LOL You should view it...

Constant~ I love this flick...and it is def a tear-jerker!

SOAP~ It DID make him sexy...yes ma'am. lol

Mah~ You never like anything I like. LOL

BE~ You know how I feel about this flick! ...and I KNOW you love you some Love Jones...mother of Darius. LOL

LeeLee Aint Msbehavin' said...

those were all great choices


All my faves especially Love JONES

No Labels said...

I can't speak on The Notebook. Now I've got to check this movie out! I'm not sure what I'm going to pick...cause a couple of my favorites are out there...what to do, thought Pooh...

Thee_Kween said...

Lee~ Thanks, I'm a sap. LOL

Budda~ Love Jones is a fan fave. lol

No Labels~ LMAO @ "what to do, thought Pooh" HA!

Niecee said...

Loved all your choices I'm a sucker for romance and a good cry!

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