This post is NOT my 300th post. LOL The one before it is, but I couldn't let it go by without commemorating it through blog. So, lemme see...what can I share with you? OH! Thank you for every "scoper"! All 99 of you! For the faithful readers who pop up the moment my newest blog hits the the ones who I haven't see in a while, but started out with the zeal of new love! For my muse, who often disappears and then kisses me dead on the lips at the damnedest times. Here are some facts about this blog:

*I started this blog back in 2008 as sort of a "secret" blog because the now defunct social site Yahoo 360 had too much drama!
*I (the 'human dictionary' as my family calls me)...misspelled the word kaleidoscope in the URL. By the time I caught on, people were already used to it the wrong way. (I still spelled the blog's name right in spite of)
*It is because of my girl Yesha aka flyblackchick, that I even blog in THIS fashion. I was used to a whole other way of blogging until I came to where the freedom to write is totally different than places like say Facebook or MySpace.
*I have FIVE blogs all together:
     ~Passion's Fruit (erotica)
     ~Kween Can Burn (cooking)
     ~Words on Wings (poetry)
     ~Fancy Face Kreations (my page for graphic enhancement)
*The most used tag on my blog is "Kween Kiwi" :D
*I have layout/design ADD and change often (it's time again) I simply CANNOT go an entire year with one layout. One year I changed it almost every other month. I long for the perfect design that begs to remain. (any offers for design rights? ;)
*I found out one day while researching butterflies (my signature) that another name for a swarm of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope! How apropos!! Right up my alley! :D

All in all...I love my little blog. It's where I pontificate upon love, life, relationships, news, funnies...and most recently, the home of the Love & Truth Challenge. I pray that those who read any of my offerings...learn, grow, get inspired and understand me a little better. THANK you for being here through 300 (well, 301) posts. Here's to 300...well, 301 more! :D

Congratulations to my Kaleidoscope!!

10 scopers scoping:


congrat and thanks to you and Joy i have a place to write and be free...i think im half way to 200 now. Keep writing i'm reading

The God'ess said...

*shakes bottle of sparkling apple juice and sprays it everywhere* Can't be wasting good champipple.

Congrats Mizz Kiwi.


Congrats on Sparta, I knwo I disappeared halfway through the Erotic challenge(computer issues and a lack of time to fix them correctly) but I have enjoyed reading.

Keep going I think I'm either at or around 300 myself(the dashboard counts both posted blogs and drafts) It's been a great journey reading post by post.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Wow Kiwi! Seems like you just hit the 200 mark. You provide us with solid wisdom and insight, honest feedback and mix it creativity and humor. We love and appreciate ya!

LeeLee Aint Msbehavin' said...

Congrats lil ms bloggin butterfly

LaLa said...

congrats love! here's to another 300 more

Caramel Diva said...

Congrats...standing up giving u a standing ovation and clapping wildly as u exit stage left.....Screaming...we love u!!!!!!!!!

Thee_Kween said...

Budda~ I'm glad that you've been inspired. Pass it on...someone did that for me :)

God'ess~ Did you say damned CHAMPIPPLE? *pointing to the corna in the basement* LOL

Prime~ It's all good...I'm sure you'll catch up when you have the time. Thanks bro ;)

CG~ I love you! You are one of my biggest supporters from the START! Thank you, sis :)

Lee~ *giggling* Thanks, sis :)

KISSY!!!~ Thank you rock!

Caramel~ THANK YOU...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! YOU'RE ALL TOO BEAUTIFUL!!! *clutching bouquet of roses* LOL

Reggie said...

Impressive, very impressive.

Thee_Kween said...

Thanks Reggie!! :D

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