15~ I Got Love...

Can you live without a love relationship?

Nope...because a love relationship isn't specifically between a man and a woman. I've got love 24/7...

I've got friends and family and I've got love for self...I've got love for nature and life. I'm in love with everything around me...

Right now, there's no one special. I'm not in a relationship with a soul, but God. I like it that way. As far as I'm concerned...His love and mine has to be rock solid before I go giving love to another human. I want to be reinforced in my spiritual infrastructure. I've always been strong, but I want for my soul to be receptive ONLY to the one who has the wherewithal and stamina to match his intent...and even then I have to be interested in slowing down for the catch.

I did say recently to my girl Joy, that I'm at the point where I can say that if God saw fit for me to be single and just surround me with family and friends to love...I'd be happy. Would loneliness for a man's touch seep in from time to time? Sure...undoubtedly. Yet, I'm willing to bet that what is going to draw any potential seeing me from afar...giddy. Happy with my life...head reared back in belly laughter. Not somewhere sitting lonely, looking as if I need saving. MY king is going to see my elation and want to join into the program...already in progress.

Did I even answer the question? LOL #kweenshrugs

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ayyyyyyeeee....i concur sis Amen!

The God'ess said...

I think we wrote the same blog. LOL

Mr Lonely said...

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No Labels said...

Preach on!

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