16~ Windows of the Soul

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Now, come on...I'm the "Kween of Love" for goodness sakes. Of COURSE, I do. In my head and of all kinds are possible. The truth of love isn't in the perfect's in the impossible and unexpected one.

I think people envision love at first sight as being some physical connection. That would be true in a basic and primal sense...but, I've been taught the spiritual and metaphysical parts of life and I know that when two kindred spirits lock eyes...they see past the shell and veneer. I believe their spirits do this soul dance and for a moment in time...they meet in the air, leaving their bodies and doing some cosmic swirl kiss that ends with them going back to their frames...touched by the other. A piece of the other left in the form of an impression.

Yea, I know...I'm hopeless, right?

Some naive, gullible, romantic who wishes upon stars and thinks of fairytales as the rule, not quite excepted. Nope. I'm a realist. I believe in all of the variables that come into play in a relationship. I believe that even if people fall at first glance...they don't always stay in the abyss in some splendid love oblivion. Eventually, if they don't make the proper sacrifices, seize their moments of happiness and commit in a timely fashion...that beginning connection can fade.

love at first sight,
is like
two kids,
whose room windows face the other...
kinda like
monica and quincy
always remembering
the moment that love
knocked on their window
in the midnight hour
needing a haven
...those star-crossed boos
hooked on the silent smiles
and private giggles
thrown in blinking awe...
it's the moment
the eyes of one,
stare into the eyes of the other...
in the reflection
of the windows of their souls...

Okay, so what...I got a lil poetic. Fugg y'all. LOLOL

2 scopers scoping:

No Labels said...

aww...I love the pic at the beginning of your blog!

I do agree that it is more than physical can also come in other types of connection and sight as well.

Thee_Kween said...

Thank you...

I believe that once you yourself have tapped into spiritual connections (no matter how young you seem) it's at that point that you learn to see spirit when seeing a physical person. I've made a connection with people in general who ended up a close friend. Perhaps "Friends at First Sight". Either way, I believe that your spirits can meet "mid-air". lol

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