We're almost finished this challenge. A lot of us are on our last day...a few still struggling down the middle (mostly due to unforeseen issues) and the rest are on the heels of myself and a few others.

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Thank you all who have participated and those who have taken the time to read and take a piece of us with you. I don't know one person involved in this challenge that didn't get in and roll their sleeves up. Some of you shocked me with your honesty...some of you showed me a more tender side to you. All in all...I had a wonderful time with this cathartic exercise in Love & Truth.

I got beat up a little...some inboxes, trips to my Facebook wall...even a few shout outs mid-blog. Folks was hunting me down at times wanting to know, "What in the hell is up with these questions, Kali?" ...Not so much because they weren't "good" questions but because they were the kind that made people dig up the past and come face to face with a few things they may have thought they were over. Hell, even I was feeling some kinda way about the questions. I didn't figure into account while posing them that I'd be answering as well. I could've kicked my OWN ass a few times. LOL

I hope that you all received the heart of this challenge. It was made to give us a glimpse into our past and present while giving us a cleaner slate for the future.

Again...THANK you dear loves...

Leelee, you went hard. I saw things in your blog that broke my heart for you. Your utter honesty about YOU and how you see yourself was refreshing and fearless at the same time. I genuinely had to ask myself at one point was I...the creator of this damn challenge, being nearly as candid as you were. KUDOS and hats off to you, sis.

Maria, I remember you wanted to do this challenge when I mentioned were pretty excited. Well, pretty much tell me everyday how you can't wait for this shit to be over. LMAO Nonetheless...I applaud your commitment. You didn't give up and I'm so very proud of you.

Budda, You brought it girl...but, then I knew you would. Raw, to the point, and willing to look within. I enjoyed your blogs and I'm sure that if/when we pull another challenge out the'll join and bring it all over again. ((HUGS))

Tina, I know this challenge got a little rough for you, too. I pray that being able to say certain things made things a little easier...even if only in retrospect. I appreciate you so much...I love when people push themselves emotionally to get to a point past fear. Sometimes THAT is the only reward...that you did it when you didn't think you could. :D

Gina, you jumped in at the last minute and took off out the gate like a prize greyhound. LOL You were blogging your little heart out. Love it...still have to catch up...give mama a minute. LMAO too, jumped in like a woman trying to swim her way to shore. Your offerings were nothing less than full on memoir quality. This challenge was made for people like you...those seeking to reconcile their memories and pain with who they are today. I'd say you've got a pretty good hold on who you are. Stay creative and thank you for showing love to everyone involved. Bookie. :D Of course I expected NOTHING less from you than the raw, unabridged, unadulterated truth. You're always bare to your readers so I'm always proud to have you on the blog roll. LOVE you, Ladybug

Joy, I know you're catching up to yours AND my challenge. A lot has jumped off since we started the erotica challenge almost 2 months ago. I'm still proud that even if only in continue trying to finish. Whether you do or not...I'm sure you're on your way to a wonderful new place of peace and love. (((HUGS)))

Kena, I know you barely got through yours, but I still appreciate the effort. Hopefully next time you will make it to the 30th day :D lol

Dee, I made you last...because you were the inspiration behind this challenge. When ending the erotic one, you mentioned needing a reason to write because having to write everyday helped you a lot. As soon as you said that this challenge popped into my mind. Thanks for the inspiration, the support and the honesty. You were NO slouch in the "tell-all" department. You gave all you had and shared things that I know where hard for you, especially since they were on the surface at the time. Thank you sis...LOVE you oodles!

These ladies are writing BESIDES their part in my challenge. Their links are on the side under "Dem Challenge Takers" so please hit them up and see what they're giving us. They all are different, yet entertaining, educational and crazy as all get out. LOL Show them some love please...

**Almost home**


5 scopers scoping:

Mahoganydymond said...

I love you... I thought that I was going to quit.. I felt like I had nothing to bring to this challenge because of the lack of experiences... I do enjoy the challenge though... I just felt like I graduated... Thank you for everything...:)

Thee_Kween said...

I lacked some experiences, too Mah...but, however YOU'VE loved is enough experience to speak from. Some couldn't say they had a "best love" or even a 1st. Some couldn't name 10 people they loved...but the whole point was to discover those things and understand how you viewed your own history of love, family and otherwise. I think we all did GOOD! :D

*handing you your diploma in love* ;)

No Labels said...

Thanks for your words and insight. I have to play catch up with reading everyone's as well, and I will do so. This challenging definitely had me doing some excavating...damn near to the point of exorcism. But I think it came right on time, since for a very long time, I was stuck and just wasn't writing anything...then my grandfather's death hit and the only thing I could do was start writing again--so discovering the challenge was right on time. Thanks for everyone's feedback and support.

Thee_Kween said...

I'm glad you feel that way...writing is such a therapist all on it's own...but this challenge really felt special.

Thanks, No~Labels :)


i throughly enjoyed the going around today finishing reading the other bloggers posts. I'm reading a few of mine with a bittersweet feeling. It was worth it tho. Thanks sis looking forward to the next therapy session

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