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If your young daughter or son came to you and told you they were in love with someone your age...what would your response be?

I don't have children...

I've been here before though. 18 years ago I brought home a man 22yrs my senior. My family was ROCKED...livid is not enough description.

My uncle had hung with him, my mom and dad knew of his ways from "way back"...he was considered a pimp in his day and had been abusive to many a woman. I remember my mother saying to me, "He's going to have you on the street...pimping you."

I didn't sense that about him. I didn't know much about him, but I didn't get that feeling. Well, the story goes that eventually he did turn abusive. Physically...then mentally/verbally/emotionally. That physical shit didn't sit well with me...I used all this fluff to make sure he didn't get the best of me. LOL I'm not saying that life with him wasn't hard...but, this is the same person who for 8.5 years pimped his OWN physical self by getting up almost everyday of our life together and working. He put money in my hand and the checkbook to pay the bills, too. Had it not been for his addiction...who knows...we might still be together.

If MY godson (that's as close a kid is gonna get to me) came home with a cougar...I'd embrace her. I'd let her know..."Don't make me fuck you up..." O__o

No, for, I'd just talk to him and see where his head was. The worst thing you can tell ANY one, child, teen or who to love. That never goes well.

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The God'ess said...

You're so right about telling someone who to love. Hmph.

S/N...I like the new layout. Writing is a bit small for my old eyes. lol

Thee_Kween said...

I made it a little

Yea, can't tell folks who to care for. It's like DARING them and we all know that most folks take dares no matter how stupid.

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