Word 6: Song


this is a freestyled song. a little thing that few know about me, is that I hear music all day in my head. some songs are from singers and soundtracks...and some come from my own heart and humming. I make up songs in my head daily. don't try to imagine the floats away after I've hummed it anyway. I'll do one verse and a chorus. :)

i've seen you
in MY dreams
floating close...walking by my side

you save me
and it seems
your love is made for mine

but when I wake...
your gone again
my heart shakes
from the dream's end
i try to
bring you back to me
but NOTHING...NOTHING ever does


so i...
lay down to sleep
waiting for...
my prince of dreams
hoping for...
my loving heart
to kiss me gently
how do i start
...finding you
...finding you

...and there is a song that came to me in seconds. all I need is the ability to play instruments, a studio and a lack of phobia for public performing. LOL

3 scopers scoping:

No Labels said...

I like your song. You should share more of them.

Thee_Kween said...

I wish I could remember them, they're so fleeting. If I don't write them down, they float away.

Angela Lykebudda White said...

i would to hear you sing this song one day!

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