Word 3: Rock

Third day far only four challengers. No Labels, Lamont Clark, Mahogany Dymond and myself. My friend Simone has been doing hers over on Google+ ...I'm hoping some more will join in soon.


the first thing I heard was
Tina Turner singing,
"rock me baby...rock me alllll night long"
the first thing I think of
is rocks on the edge of water,
smooth with the agitation of the water's edge
i think of the proverbial
"rock of Gibraltar"
the pillar of strength
the basic idea of fortitude
i hear "rock the boat"
i see rock stars
i think rocking chairs
and rocking babies
and rocking domes
and rocking clothes

i realized
while writing this...
that i rock when i write
a gentle sway
as if i'm impatiently waiting
for the words to rock right out of me

(I'm kinda freestyling this challenge so far...bare with me folks, lol)

2 scopers scoping:

No Labels said...

Freestyle all you want!

Thee_Kween said...

It's all I can do, BB. lol

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