Word 2: Water

Onto day 2...this one should be easy...water

a walk along the edge
tipping on toes
sidling against
a slippery slab
wanting to float freely
afraid and unable,
still willing to try
"i'm not scared..."
hands too small to hold on...
from shallow to deep
in a blink, i dip
succumbing to weighted water
screaming silently
heart pounding
ears filling
feet reaching for footing
"where am i?"
"help...i can't swim!"
thank Him
for putting 'her'
where i struggled
she yanked me upward
like i was made of air
my cries freed
from the damp choking
shivering from fear and cold
i revel in the concrete underneath me
...i almost drowned

**as a child I almost drowned while at a park with family and friends. I decided to walk the edge of the pool and miscalculated the very moment the water went from 5 feet to 10. luckily, a woman was sitting on the edge, saw me struggling and pulled me clean out of the water. it took me years to want to get back into a pool...and crazy enough...I STILL can't swim.**

2 scopers scoping:

Mahoganydymond said...

Love this.. I didnt know what to do with water.. LOL I got one for the rock though.. LOL

Thee_Kween said...

Thanks, Mah...see, I thought this would be easy because water is so essential to everyone. lol

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