The Twenty First Day...

dropped the mic

...the day you met your most recent/or last love

Well, I never "met" my last love. That mofo ain't have the nut sac to meet me. Or he just ain't wanna...either way, I fell for someone hundreds of miles away and he was in a relationship with everything and everyone but me.

(He'd deny it like a no-good baby daddy on Maury...but I have the DNA tests. [Digitally Notated Affirmation] also known as I seent it with my own eyes, LOL)

Well, one day in early October 2007 while on Yahoo 360 (The old site I used to be on)...I get this friend request from this cat. He looked young and kinda cute, but I wasn't checking for anyone just then. I had just gotten rid of a liar and was working him out of my system. We connected and next thing you know...he's commenting on my poetry. Gushing about how GREAT it is. I was thankful...I'm always gracious when someone reads my work and gives me love, so there wasn't anything out of the ordinary about that. He was like anyone else in that way.

As time passed on, dude became an "ear"...more like an eye. He and I traded IM's as he offered his shoulder. I accepted. We talked and I remembered saying to him that he had so many women vying for his attention. We'd laugh about it. I used to use this high-pitched groupie voice and beg him to sign my left breast with his loooove jest of course. We were becoming good friends. Again, nothing was desired of him. He shared his music as I shared more poetry. He sang to everybody me and I found, yet again...someone with whom I had an artistic connection. It was cool. 

Before I could spit a poem on a mic...we were giggling and staying up all day and night on the phone. Promises were made, dates to meet were cancelled, excuses sung...blah blah blah meow meow meow...end result, I dropped the mic.

the mic was mute
the lies were moot
all i needed was time to reboot
no more to say
no song to play
nothing left to make me stay
no rhyme to the reason
no love where there's treason
no love just grieving...
no lifetime...just a season
sound check...too much reverb
the ground shook, nobody heard
so, i dropped the more words

I could've hated him...but, I really don't. I wish him well. He gave me lots of inspiration and opened me up to online talk shows, thread parties on blog posts and friends I still have in his absence. He gifted me with a lot of things,..but, in the end...I had to gift myself with reality.

Long Distance is NOT for the kid. lol

13 scopers scoping:

The God'ess said...

Mmhmm...and that's all I'mma say about that.

Oh...and I said it in my autotuned voice.

No Labels said...


Just Ree` said...

The poem . . .I likey. Well said.

Thee_Kween said...

@God'ess~ lolololol

@No Labels~ ((HUGS)) TRUST when I say I'm good and better than ever. lol

@Just Ree~ Thanks sunshine :)

Diva Processor said...

I can feel you on this one on so many levels...Even the parts that were not said...The key thing is we do live and matter how many mistakes we make we will learn from them until we kinda of get it right

Thee_Kween said...

Yep. I learned a lot. So I won anyway.

Angela Lykebudda White said...

long distance aint he biz for me neither on

Mahoganydymond said...

His lost... YAY and one of those people is me... Hey I was closer to him than most of all his groupies and so were you.. So I tell you.. Yes, you good.. Hell you are SUPREME.. Your friendship now means a lot too me.. At times I don't believe he really was a friend to me, when I spoke the truth about him.. He stopped talking to me.. Oh well times past and it is just a memory.. Life is Grand!!

Thee_Kween said...

@Budda~ Right on! lol

@Mahogany~ Definitely his loss. Boo and Bye. lol

And're one of the prizes I won from him. hehehe

Reggie said...

You've definitely got the heart of a poet in you Kween.

Thee_Kween said...

Thanks's actually my first love.

ABoyd378 said...

Awesome Poem!!

Seems like his departure and your gaining Inspiration and your Discoveries, sounds like a Great Trade Off. :-)

Thee_Kween said...

Thanks Andrew...yep. He served his purpose.

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