The Sixteenth Day...

Syre Christopher at 1 and a half

...the day of a child's birth (family or close friends apply)

Who else would this be about beside the kid I love like my own?

Syre was born May 12th, 2007...two months early to his mama Alyhana. Aly and I met through my sister. They worked together when they were younger and became fast friends and eventually spirit sisters. The last time I saw Aly before Syre was born, she was rounding in the belly and eating something she hated...calamari. It seemed like we had just visited when we got the news she'd given birth early. My sis and I were only able to get to DC once throughout his stay, but we both connected with him. It was there that I named him "Pufnstuf" because he was swollen from the medication.

During his hospital stay, I remember going on the site I was on and sharing my concerns and asking for prayers. One woman (whom I can't recall for the world of me) told me that my godson's name meant "oxygen; breath of life" in Norse. Well...I took that as a sign that he'd be FINE...and he was.

When they came to visit Aly's mom (who lives near us), my sis and I jumped at the chance to see our darling. He was so tiny. He slept the entire time.

I got a chance in 2009 to spend a couple of months with him. His mom needed a hand and I stayed with them for almost three months. We bonded and I had a wonderful time meeting a couple of people who I'd never met and spending time with Joy & Celeste, who drove from NY/NJ to visit me at Aly's. As a matter of was at THAT time that Syre decided he was gonna dance for Ms. Celeste. HILARIOUS. My baby had and has such personality. (Doesn't everyone say that about their kid? lol) Check him out!

Lawd, he cut UP!! We did, too!! That's Joy and me narrating the baby's dance. lmaooo

This child was a piece of work. We had a great time together and I hated for it to end. While there, I was able to get over and through something I was experiencing because of that little face. He'd cup Auntie's face and say, "Aunny? Baby?" lol...priceless.

Syre "PIerre" acting silly! (NO one put him up to this)
He literally walked over, put his mom's hat on and leaned in and looked at me like, "Hahaaa...who am I? Just guess!" LOL

Buy the kid a toy...he prefers the box.
I promise he thought that box had  wheels...he treated it like a car. He'd pack it up and jump in like it had gas...

All I had to do was say, "Cheeeeese"
I look kinda young (Oh hush)

He's getting so big and handsome...
Last time I saw him he had an outgrown Mohawk...but, before long he had it back. Here's a pic of him with his mom and my sis during that visit. It seemed almost impossible to get them ALL to look at the camera at the SAME time with a smile. Someone blinked, laughed or moved. lol
Aly, Syre & Sis
 I love him. He's the closest thing I have to a child. My Syre-Boo...

Syre photo Syre.jpg
Syre Christopher at  5 or 6 months

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Angela Lykebudda White said...

that child is a joy to watch and he had grown to be so adorable thanks for sharing i needed a smile and got it when i watch this

The God'ess said...

Those legs made my day.

Tell da troof...y'all spiked his juice, didn'tchall? LOL

ABoyd378 said...

Got me Smiling this Sunday Afternoon!!

I LOVE ME some Home Videos!

Truly happy to see him growing like a Weed! :-D

Thee_Kween said...

@Budda~ THANK you sis...and you're welcome. He always makes my day!

@God'ess~ Naaaaaah, dat bay cray all on his own! lol

@ABoyd~ Yes he's sproutin' up! I need some godson and godmommy time REALLY soon!

No Labels said...

Aww...he is so precious!!! (makes me grin over here)

Humble BE said...

Awww...I wonder if he can still dance like that. He was dance dance dance dance dancing machine. Too cute.

Thee_Kween said...

@No Labels~ That's my boo boo :)

@BE~ I'mma have to get him to dance for me. LOL

Reggie said...

Children are awesome aren't they?!? We love them because they're either our very own crumbsnatchers or they've done no wrong or they're the hope for the future or all of the above.

Gotta love kids!!!

Whenever my 2 college age children get on my nerves I try and imagine them when they were 3 or 4 and all they needed to be happy was a cookie.

Thee_Kween said...

Yea, he's my dude. He lights the room up for me.

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