The Fourth Day...

I hate this picture. The HELL did I have on?

...a day in high school

High School for me was a crazy declining of my GPA and scholastic aptitude and a speedily incline of emotional turmoil and drama.

I went from bad grades to worse, falling asleep in class incessantly without explanation (now diagnosed as Narcolepsy) and feeling insecure about that, my weight and having to answer to my mom and family for the never school issues. One which was my behavior.

I pretty much left folks alone, because I didn't like to fight. I'd try and "reason" with folks because I didn't want to get in trouble and I didn't want to be on the receiving end of some of the brutal things I'd heard (sliced faces, acid thrown, face stomping). Shit was real in Mt. Vernon. LOL

On THIS particular day...shit was TOTALLY unnecessary. I was sitting in math class...I hated math, so I ALREADY had a damn attitude. This guy who lived in the PJ's with me, but in a different building was ALWAYS bothering me. Chris...that was his name. He was an ASSHOLE!!

The period he'd pick at me. Say something smart. Push his desk in to mine. We were sitting in a group of four with our desks pushed two facing two. His dumb ass was facing mine. I couldn't stand this ass. If it wasn't that he would push my notebook around with is pencil as I wrote. CHILE...I LOST IT!

I jumped up and screamed for him to QUIT FUCKING WITH ME! He laughed. This only made me madder. I chased his monkey ass around the room. He ran behind the teacher's desk (as she yelled for me to stop). It was catercorner so I pushed this big metal desk into the wall until he had to jump from behind it and over it. I tried to grab him, he was too, I picked up a desk and hurled it at him. Then the chair. Finally, a hall monitor came in and calmed me down. I got escorted out and sent to my division's principal. (The school was broken up into Divisions A, B, C and D...can't remember it there was an E). I was in Division C. My principal liked me. He said, "Kali, why let this knucklehead upset you? Now, we have to call your mother..."

I didn't care. I swear...I was scared WITLESS and SHITLESS of my mother, but in that moment I felt like FUCK it. His ass is mine. LOL

I go home, inform Mom and she eventually tries to understand my view. She just said she wished I didn't have such a temper. So the next day, Mom comes to school and the craziest thing happens. She gets to the class and sees this dude and the first thing she asks? "You have a crush on my daughter, don't you?"

::GASPS:: WHAT THE?? MOOOOOOM NOOOO!! He's ugh and ewwww mom, NO! LOL

He smiles...

What'chu smiling for fool?

She said, "Mmm hmmm...he likes you Kali. That's why he bothers you. You don't even realize it. Boy, leave my daughter alone. She will never like you if you act a fool. Both of you need to get it together. Don't make me come back here!"

He says, "Yes ma'am"

The class laughs...I'm like -_-

Yea...he didn't bother me anymore...but, I changed my seat and counted the days to be done with that class.

I know...I stay fighting boys who like me. At least it's not the story of the guy who hit me in the head with a frozen Snickers on a bus and then I waited to get off so I could cut him with a cracked Pepsi bottle...chasing him down the street. least it's not that story. LOL

13 scopers scoping:

The God'ess said...

Boys are pests!

Diva Processor said...

You needed anger management at a very early age I see..LOL

No Labels said...

lol...guess that theory "the boy only picks at you because he likes you" holds true.

Thee_Kween said...

@God'ess~ EXACTLY!!

@Diva~ Yes, I did. LOLOL

@No Labels~ For me it has, BB. I PROMISE, I found out later on that most boys who picked on me liked me. I was pissed, because I spent the entirety of my HS years thinking that NO one liked me. :(

ABoyd378 said...


How could you NOT Be Likable? You are a Sweetheart (Did I say that OUT LOUD???)!!

Angela Lykebudda White said...

lol that damn boy had a love jones

Thee_Kween said...

@Andrew~ I wasn't all that sweet back then. I was mean as a snake. Lol

@Budda~ Chile that boy had a mental problem! LOL

Humble BE said...

Boys were so stupid. Like just saying, "hey, kali. I dig you." was just WAY too much. *rolling eyes* Mama Jean pulled his card..quick! I love it.

Thee_Kween said... was much better to annoy me into rage. Jackass...

Reggie said...

You were funky fresh in that picture Kween. know boys are stupid, that's just how we roll.

Thee_Kween said...

That was NOT hot in the streets Reggie, quit lying. lol

Yea, y'all are a pill...but, then so are us women. lol

Afrodeezha said...

I just KNEW you were gonna write about the bottle story! LOL

Kali's a thug!

Thee_Kween said...

I've got plenty...I was a mean cuss, Dee. LOL

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