The Twentieth Day...

...the most memorable day of your childhood

Well, I was gonna talk about the day I almost drowned in a pool at a park...but, I decided not to make it a bad memory. (Trying to keep a good balance of smiles and heart strings).

I saw the pic that accompanies Lamont's blog for the day and decided not to blog my trip to Disney World, but then I's okay to blog similar things. "He had her [Disney] HIS way and I had her mine!" lmao (a little Color Purple reference for you).

ANY way...when I was 5, my mom and dad took me to Disney World. I remember very little, but what I DO remember tickles me a lot.

I remember we parked in the Goofy Section of the lot...and that as we were on our way inside of the park, I dropped a piece of Oscar Meyer bologna that my mother had given me. Upon returning, my bologna had NO name...because it had fried and BURNED on the asphalt. THAT is how hot it was.

I remember that I got on the Mad Tea Party ride...or was it the Mad Tea Cup...well whatever. The individual cups went around in circles while the whole platform went in circles in the opposite direction...making for a VERY dizzy Kali. I giggled the whole time...bumping my head and going between "ouch" and "hahaha".

A lot of the trip gets fuzzy. I want to say that we visited my grandfather on the way home, but it might've been on the way to Fla. Here's me with his dog...I think I was up to something.

I also believe we visited my great-grandmother somewhere along the way, but that could be total imagination or jagged memory (remembering a visit but at the wrong time) lol

I remember us losing our way...or dad being pulled over by a state trooper. I vaguely remember my father calling someone a racist motherfucka...but, again...I could have it all wrong. (I doubt it). lol

I know that my mom tells me that she was pregnant with my baby sister at the time. She says she and my dad were breaking up and he INSISTED on this trip...I suppose as a last ditch effort to save their relationship.

Nonetheless...I remember going, bringing home Mickey ears...and viewing the pictures that were in my dad's drawer in his room. I may ask him if he has anymore pics from that day. If so, I'll probably show them on Facebook. lol

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Diva Processor said...

Awwwww can be Yo friend..LOL...Nice memory Sis

No Labels said...

Nice memory. I have always wanted to go to Disney World. I've wanted to go since I was eight.

Thee_Kween said...

@Diva~ LOL yesssss! thanks;)

@No Labels~ Aww, I hope you get to go BB. You'd have fun! You have to get a pic with Micky & Minnie and you HAVE to get ears with your name on it :)

Lamont C said...

In addition to fuzzy Disney memories, we both almost drowned as kids!

Thee_Kween said... almost drowned, too? I was at FDR park and was sidling around the edge and didn't know that that it sloped at the 10ft end. Went under and a woman pulled me up and saved me. Goodness.

Mahoganydymond said...

Aww cutie Kali Boo.. Disney World is AWESOME.. (I don't like all them dang parades though)....

Thee_Kween said...

I don't remember the

Reggie said...

You were a little cutie Kween.

Thee_Kween said...

Thanks Reggie :D

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