The Seventeenth Day...

...a day where you helped someone in a big way

I thought long and hard about this. I can't figure out anything other than something that is SO personal that it would invade someone else's privacy.

I seriously didn't think out these questions (or else I'd have tailored them to my own simplicity). LOL

I like to think that I'm helping different people in different ways. I pray that my writing, like my poetry and stories...even what I'm doing now, with my graphic design helping. Whether it's inspiration, encouragement, or dreams manifested...I could only be blessed for the legacy of me to be a positive one. I just want to shine and be a light...a beacon of love. At least MOST of the time. LOL

That's all.

7 scopers scoping:

The God'ess said...

Yeah...this question was hard.

No Labels said...

Yes, it was a tough one. I'm like you, Kali, in the sense that I hope that by sharing my writings that I'm helping someone out in a special way.

Humble BE said...

Hard question, indeed.

Thee_Kween said...

@God'ess~ Yea...I suck on this one...oh and 21. lol

@No Labels~ Yea, I pray that...I'm sure you are though.

@BE~ I coulda kicked my OWN ass. lol

Reggie said...

You help me all the time Kween, I laugh at your ass at least once a day...and trust me, I need it.

Thee_Kween said...

I'm glad, Reggie...if I can make you hahaha kee kee...I'm doing my job. lol

ABoyd378 said...

*nodding* :-)

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