The Thirtieth Day...

...your proudest day to date


MY proudest day...because y'all know I thought of everyone BUT me at first. I though of Syre and my mom and even the day my dad became sober...but, I think I'll champion myself.

I can't pinpoint an exact day, but the DAY itself was in the making. The day I decided to take on someone else as a "manager". I'd been making 1,000 excuses about how much I needed to get done BEFORE doing anything with my writing and even with Fancy Face...but, I quit bullshitting and started taking the bull by the horns.

I allowed a friend of mind to set me up on a self-publishing site and put my work out there as a STAND ALONE project and I'm glad I did. Not because it's selling like hotcakes (because it's a free download), but because it's conditioning me for being OUT there.

I find myself encouraging, marketing, inspiring everyone else while my own talents flounder in a dry place. I've grown tired of the rut I've been in and am ready to color outside the lines. I THINK outside the lines, LOVE outside the lines, GIVE outside the lines...but, rarely had I stepped outside of those lines for my own benefit.

I'm growing prouder of myself by the day. The woman I'm becoming at 40 is something of a splendid thing to see. I know there's going to be more proud days and I'm ready. I really am.

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ABoyd378 said...

*BIGGEST HUGS,kissing both of your High Cheks*

Atta Girl!!

Angela Lykebudda White said...

I dont know your whole story but i know you inspire me everyday and i cant wait til the world knows what Kali Monroe is all about. god bless you sis!!

Thee_Kween said...

@Andrew~ Aw thanks hon ((((HUGS))))

@Budda~ Yea, sis...I've been sitting on far too much. I have books and poems and designs and all kinds of stuff I could be doing. lol

God bless the BOTH of you <3

Lamont C said...

I'm looking forward to your releases Kali!!

Reggie said...

I would say good luck, but you're a woman with skillz. I wouldn't be surprised if you were extremely successful.

Thee_Kween said...

@Lamont~ I hope to release something within the year. I'll be sure to let everyone know :)

@Reggie~ You're so sweet...I REALLY appreciate your support. You've been a mainstay in our challenge. Bless you, Reggie :)

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