The Sixth Day...

My Boobie

...the day you first held a job

I was 14. I got a work permit from City Hall (where my grandmother worked) and got my first job at Toddler's Park Day Care Center.

My Aunt Iris worked there and my little cousin Arthur (affectionately Boobie) attended as a 2yr old. It was the summer of 1987. I believe I got $110 (before tax) bi-weekly for late June-Early August....about  6-7 weeks. I thought I was ballin'. lol was perfect for me to be making some kind of money because I'd be able to buy my own clothes for the upcoming Sophomore year in High School. I had to go to summer school the summer before and this year I could make my little pocket change and hang out after four hours of teen labor. I didn't get to keep a lot of that money though. My mother made me hand over my check to her (something about I didn't need to be walking around with too much money) and she'd give me a little money out of it...said, it was for school clothes. By the time we got to shop, it didn't add up to what I thought it would. I KNOW it should've been more than she said, but it wasn't. I ain't saying she profited, but I'm just saying. LOL

My job consisted of watching after and playing with the kids outside at recess and assisting in activities, lunch and nap on the inside. I actually enjoyed it. All of the ladies there loved me. They knew my aunt and were very nice to me. I remember the cook used to make good lunch and I recall going to Sesame Place that summer with the school.

The downside, was that it was a bad summer for Narcolepsy. I'd fall asleep outside while watching the kids. Openly, I'd nod or be found standing by the slides with my eyes closed. I could hear the babies saying, "She's sleeping..." I think at times my aunt was embarrassed. Especially because my sleepiness didn't have a name yet. We didn't know what I had until I was 21. I'd fall asleep in the middle of conversation, at the table with the kids while crafting. I even fell asleep while walking Boobie home. Poor child told me to wake up in his little baby voice...right as we were about to cross the street. I was apprehensive from that point forward to be responsible for him while alone.

I'd work there the next summer and once during the school year. Ahh the good ole days.

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Mahoganydymond said...

I always wanted to work in a daycare...

The God'ess said...

Aww...Kiwi luhs da babies

Thee_Kween said...

@Mah~ It was aight. lol

@God'ess~ Yea...I luh dem thangs. lol

Lamont C said...

Getting that work permit was a BIIIIG deal! Then filling out the application for Summer Jobs For Youth! Those were the days...

Diva Processor said...

Kiwi that has got to be hard to go thru this disorder..But at least you tried..I applauded your strength

Thee_Kween said...

@Lamont~ Yes it was! I couldn't wait for summer. My last permitted job was at PAL at the HS. I loved that job because every other Friday we took a trip.

@Diva~ Yea it is. A lot of "normal" day to day stuff that folks don't attribute to having a disorder are things I deal with. SO many normal functions that average unaffected people take for granted. Thanks sis.

No Labels said...

To be able to do that type of work and try to battle the narcolepsy. It definitely couldn't have been easy. But I'm glad you enjoyed the work you were doing; I'm sure the kids were in great hands!

Thee_Kween said...

@No Labels~ I love kids...still. My godsis gave me the greatest blessing in 2009 when she had me come take care of my godson for 2 1/2mos. Even though I had fears of falling asleep on him and endangering him, she believed I could keep him safe. Did I fall asleep on him? Yes, but the beautiful thing was that my then 1 1/2yr old baby, would either softly caress my face until I opened my eyes or he'd climb up and lie down with me. :)

Reggie said...

Your mom was definitely pimping you that summer Kween.

I'm someone's supervisor now and I hate working with their parents, I'd probably kill one of their children and eat them. I love my kids, but I honestly couldn't work around children. Children smell funny ya know.

Thee_Kween said...

Pimped me without a conscience. LOL

Humble BE said...

Mom got over, yo! LOL

Thee_Kween said...

Played me like a fiddle. LOL

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