Something is Afoot...

Nooo, not like that. (I bet you drama seekers where salivating) LMAOO

This is about feet. My girl and I were talking earlier and she mentioned that a friend of hers was glad she didn't live with a guy, because her feet smelled like popcorn. I was like, ewwww...what in the HELL? And why do people with stank feet always smell like a snack product? Doritos? Fritos? Popcorn? *getting sick* DAYUM! If you are what you eat...PUT DOWN THE SNACKS! LMAOO

Anyway...I told her if your feet stank like all be dayumned you need to do a foot regimen. If your feet stink, you need to figure out the root cause and do something to fix your "understanding".

Personally, I don't have naturally soft feet. I can admit that. They're not like Myra's either from Martin...looking like I have on shoes when I'm barefoot. No, they just require a nice buffing from time to time. I soak my feet a lot, because I like them CLEAN! LOL I'm anal about it. I have my orange sticks and make sure I get the cuticles clean and under the toenail. I like the foot soak from Avon. I don't know what it's called, but that and the moisturizer and renewing cream...are good. If I don't have that on hand...Johnson's Foot Soak is good. If I go ALL home remedy, I WILL use a combo of regular body wash (usually Dove or Dial) and sea or kosher salt. My mother has this cool salt soak from Carol's Daughter that has lavender in it. That is a nice soak, too. I love Miracle Foot, also. When used daily, it can heal calloused, hard or cracked feet. It's about $10 @ Wal-Mart...otherwise it's about $14 elsewhere.

Even if I don't get a fancy schmancy pedicure, I still like the feet to look cute. Even if I'm just rocking clear polish on trimmed toenails. It's better than looking like I just got through battling in a kicking contest with a cliff. Well, that's my tidbit. I wanted to tell you folks (men and women alike) Take care of de feets...esp. if you have Diabetes or are Pre-Diabetic. It's of absolute importance to care for your tootsies.

Without further ado...I give you the scene in Martin's show where Sheneneh had to "go to work" on Myra's feet. LMAOOO

4 scopers scoping:

Mahoganydymond said...

I am so funny about feet also.. I think that is why I don't like to touch or be touch by a foot..

Da_Kween said...

You're so funny, Mah. I don't blame you though. I'm not a "footsie" type person. Keep ya toes to yourself. LOL

Diamond~Star said...

I am catching up as you can see.

I am country and I really don't care for having shoes or socks on my feet 24/7...however I WILL make sure I do a regular foot soak and pedicure. I became real conscious of my feet some years ago. Wash, soak, scrub, whatever you got to do, especially if you call yourself wearing open toed shoes and sandals.

Feet smelling like popcorn???LMAO I have now heard it all!!!

Da_Kween said... too. I swear when my girl told me what her friend said, I fell out. EWWW

I told someone on my other site, WEAR SLIPPERS around the house if you have no carpet. It isn't good on your feet to walk around barefoot on bare floors. good. LOL

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