Hurr AFIRE!!: My Michael Jackson Moment


Someone bestow the "JACKASS of the Year" award to *drumroll* KWEEN KIWI! Why? Well, because I caught my hair on fire dammit!!

What had happened was...I woke up about 40 minutes before some STANKNESS! First, I heard a small yelp...then I smelled the funk. Yep...those EFFIN skunks that took up residence near my house in our yard, sprayed some dumbass stray animal. So, since Pepe LePew did his job "protecting" the yard I got up to light an incense. Well, I've been scatterbrained lately...ya girl is holding said lit incense in hand (I hadn't even blown out the shit yet) and decides at the same time to scratch her head (all while ruing the fact that I didn't buy more of these particular incense sticks). All of a sudden...I hear a WOOSH! (the sound of a BBQ fire being lit) and I realize OH SHIT! So, I began patting out my hurr (while yelling HEE HEE...ok, I'm fudging it) but yea...I pat the hurr and feel okay that I've put it out. I actually am STILL holding the incense stick, so I place it in the incense holder. I step in the bathroom, which is right by my room...and look at my hair. It's not that bad...but, I can see the singe. My hair was brushed back and then then held up inside of a the tip of the hair caught fire as well as the front. I just took it out, combed it and clipped it back. LMAOO

I WILL be washing my hair tomorrow to get rid of the smell of burned hair, praying to GOD that it all doesn't come out in the wash. LOL

At least I managed to get rid of the skunk smell...I just replaced it with the new scent "HURR AFIRE" *takes ass back to bed*

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Wizzy Jr. said...

I swear to you, if you woulda wrote "I then started dancing and did a spin trying to put out the fire. It went out for a minute but then it lit up again. I finally patted my head and the flames went out and did another spin and screamed OWW!!'", I woulda been DYIN!!

Da_Kween said...


Nah, it was 2am, Son! I barely patted the fire out. I'm lucky that I have as much hair as I do or I'd be a little on the bald side. LOL

Butterfly Effect said...

See, stuff like skunks make me so appreciative to be in the city. Yeah, we got rats but they are not spraying us with nastiness..LOL

Glad you are ok. That is so scary.

Da_Kween said...

Yea, we have skunks, woodchucks, raccoons, beavers, deers, lions and tigers and bears, oh my. LOL

(no for real, we've got bears...I live RIGHT across from "Bear Mountain")

I'm glad I didn't do damage. It's funny now, but for a hot flash (no pun intended) I got scared.

Mahoganydymond said...


Da_Kween said...

LOLOL Whaaat? At least I'm not bald.

No Labels said...

Glad you're not bald and that the fire didn't spread too far.

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