Who Cares?

Who cares that I'm late...

Who cares that this blog is straight substance?

I don't. I'll be glad when it's over.

I've talked about love, life, tits, movies, domestic violence, friends, food...etc. I'm spent. Or maybe what it is, is that what I really have on my mind I'm too concerned that viewing eyes will see it and see themselves. I never was good at that...not caring whose feelings I hurt.

Alas, I blog of nothingness when I'm irritated up my ass at folks. I guess I'm still rolling hardcore with Oscar. He likes me. He understands me right now. I want to say BLECH, to everything.

Oh, totally off topic...why in the FOREIGN FUCK, did some Latino dude get nasty with me at the job today? I'm standing there, waiting for a cab...he's blowing leaves and actually yells at me (not just because it was loud...but because he was frustrated) and says bitch-style, "EXCUSE ME!!!!" I say "bitch-style", because he said it like a true diva bitch would. Hand on his skinny hip and all. I said, "Where do you want me to go?". It was a legitimate question. This fucka huffed and said, "EXCUSE ME!!!" And waved his frail arm in the opposite direction. I wanted to take his antiquated leaf blower on wheels and run his ass over and then blow him down the street. JACKASS!  He probably was mad because him widdle friend had a super lightweight backpack blower that did the job he was doing twice as fast. No wonder the other dude was nicer...his back and arms weren't numb from pulling a 70lb blower around.

Who cares about his stupid landscaping job? I didn't. Not today!

Anyway...I'm tired. I'm about to lie down and pray that Oscar breaks up with me really soon. His crib is beginning to smell like old onions and fish ass...

Good night.

4 scopers scoping:

Mahoganydymond said...

Well I always say.. Say what is on your mind regardless of who it hurts.. It always have to be a reason behind it.. Don't let your thoughts go un-noticed.. He will weight ya down and make you old before ya time.. Well I hope pretty soon, Oscar will leave and I will get that lovely chipper, and happy Kween back.. Good Night and sleep well.. I love ya my dear...

The God'ess said...

Your blog tonight has substance. Mine has a video. And it took me a long ass time to post that.

Alovelydai said...

"Who cares that this blog is straight substance?
I don't. I'll be glad when it's over"

This makes me laugh. See & you thought you wrote w/ no purpose.

ABoyd378 said...

No matter what you are writing, Younger Kali, Write for You. Post for You. Sometimes, we just got to say "F#ck It!," you know what I mean? Even if feelings get hurt, it is off your chest and out of your mind, no longer weighing you down.

If people are offended, it simply means that they see themselves in what your Really want to Write about. Some people need to be put out on Broad Street like that, so they can get a f'n clue.


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