Notes of Keys

Some things I could use right about now...

A big, strong hug...strong and long

A Snuggie...perhaps made for two if I could get the above

A stiff I'm considering hitting this Patron again that my girl gave me...except this time, I'll mix it with some sour mix. Da Kween is NOT a drinker!

A trip to somewhere tropical with drinks that boast fresh fruit and a man fresher than the fruit. The fruit in the drink...not me...being kiwi. *hehe*

I'd love a beautiful bouquet of flowers...I love roses, tulips, orchids, Gerbera daisies, jasmine, stargazer and tiger lilies and magnolia.

My phone. I need to replace this one. I'm gonna get the LG Neon

I want to get Melanie Fiona's new CD

I want to see my grandmothers. Mary & Josephine are some of my favorite people...they're in the top 5! :)

A day out with my daddy

I want my oven fixed so I can jump head first into Thanksgiving preparations. I have stuff to make damnit. Sweet Potato Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Apple Pie, BBQ Smoked Roast, Mac n Cheese, Stuffing, Roasted Chicken with Orange, Candied Yams, warm rolls. LOL (Yall hungry yet?)

I want to upgrade to a Mac Notebook or just a new PC with Windows 7 *rubbing on my current laptop named Kiwi-Boo* I love her, too. LOL

Last but certainly not and never give those I love peace, good health, and relief from their stresses...but, that's a prayer that's already and always in my heart.

What do YOU want right now?

7 scopers scoping:

Mahoganydymond said...

I would like to have a new digital camera..

I also would love if I could have at least 500 dollars in my bank account.

Da_Kween said...

Yeaaa, I wanted a Nokia. I've been wanting that for a while. And that $500 sounds nice too..esp during this upcoming Xmas season. My godson could use a nice gift. :)

Butterfly Effect said...

I want for this headache to go away. I woke up with it. ugh!

Da_Kween said...

You better get you some drugs! That's within reach. Your local drug or corner store. lol

Katlynne LaSalle said...

I'm with you on the Patron, with some Bonedaddy's good. Also try making your margarita with Minute maid frozen lime juice, triple sec or cointreau, and of course, the Patron!

Can I buy you a drink?

Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments, emails, love! and I am too shocked and thrilled to see that you've posted the link to my novel here on your site! You ROCK my world, Kween!!

Da_Kween said...

Yea, I have to get to the liquor store...because even though I don't drink, I cook...and cointreau is a cool thing to have around. I don't think I like probably once I've finished this bottle I won't be dipping again. I prefer amaretto sours :) Sure you can buy me an amaretto. LOL

You're welcome. It's all love, Kat. I so very much appreciate your talent and with that comes support. Yes, I pray that people click it...and not just because there's a booty on it. LOL

Da_Kween said...

Update...I got my phone! :)

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