Let's Celebrate!!!

This walk through 30 days finding 30 ways to say, "hey"...has been akin to cracking knuckles and doing stretches before the big run. I feel like I've been testing my pipes, through a pen...well a type...and part way through I got hype off my own flow.

I've posted heart, my mind, my soul. The days I experienced mental fog and wanted to say fuck a blog...but did it anyway. I've pondered on life and lamented not being a wife...or a mom. I've praised the bond of girls, questioned the ways of the world...welcomed you into my mental swirls and remained Kween as it all unfurled.

~ok, now that I've finished waxing poetic~ lol

Thank you, Capn Kiss-n-Boots...for challenging my pen's swagger. She brought the Nablopomo Challenge to my door and I accepted. Throughout this challenge I've learned a lot about my own repressions...the things that I don't say to be kind or "disciplined". Speaking whatever falls frontward to my mind has really been a breath of fresh air. And to think...this REALLY is a "self-imposed" challenge. At anytime I could've fallen off and decided I was done with it. No one was monitoring me or mandating this commitment. So, as much as it was a vehicle for expression and was also one of will and determination.

Thank you, Butterfly Effect...for taking this ride with me. I know you didn't finish it, but I also know why. You had a lot of things pile upon your plate recently and I wouldn't have expected you to blog in the middle of "it all"...nonetheless...we encouraged one another throughout the majority of this month and were each other's reminder at times to blog.

To think of it...I needed this push. Due to this challenge, I've been "forced" to write even when I didn't feel like it. Stretching my literary prowess has enabled me to be that much closer to the end of my novel. Being in the position of needing to write and not having anything to write about is frustrating, but this challenge allowed me that luxury of finding my muse asleep, shaking her awake and keeping the ideas coming even in the middle of artistic exhaustion.

Kissy Poo, asked me if I'd do it again. I say, "yes". I loved coming up with things to talk on...and because of what I learned and gained from it...I know that as an artist/'s imperative to have the skill to write on spec.

Know that I WILL be taking a short vacation from this blog. Just give me a couple of I need a break from it, just to rest my overactive mind. Again...thanks for the support to those who have been loyal readers. Your feedback kept me coming back. Take that as a piece of advice. If you comment on the works of those whose blogs you gives them encouragement to write more. With blessed all.

5 scopers scoping:

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Time to celebrate! Pop open a few bottles of SBJ Congrats, chica!

Da_Kween said...

LMAO @ SBJ BBQ! Thanks, CG. I DID IT!! *doing a ghetto jig* I was gonna do this whole big thing and put music and flashing lights...well, maybe not flashing lights, lol...but I decided to just say thanks. :)


ive always admired your openness and i enjoyed your month of blogs girl...take ya break you need it.

the.kisser said...

we made it! thanx for doing it with me, i have come to respect you sooo much, and i hope i have made a life long friend.

take the much needed break but keep blogging


Da_Kween said...

@Budda~ Thank you for that...I try and give of myself in this blog. I will be breaking for a sec. lol

@KissUnderstood~ Thank YOU!! I too, have found a deep respect and admiration for you and your flow. I hope we rock out blogging!!!

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