Nom Yummy!

Well, I'm home.

Had "Thanksgiving" dinner at my sister's house. Mom and I found our way up there earlier today and spent the entirety of the day there.

Sis made macaroni & cheese, baked ziti, candied yams, potato salad, red beans & rice, sweet potato pie and banana pudding.

Mom made ham, turkey wings, dressing/stuffing, collard greens and the gravy.

I made a pot roast w/carrots & potatoes...yep. The "cook" of the family was designated ONE dish. LOL

We ate, laughed, watched "Four Christmases" and "I Am Legend" (which neither my mom or I had seen yet) and laughed our asses off at Vince Vaughn...the nut.

I am not big on Thanksgiving and what it stands for...never have. You can cloak it in the reason for thanks all you like, it still symbolizes one of the many times a people have been culturally robbed of their rightful legacies. Yet, I indeed go where the love is. Going to wherever I can gather with the loved ones I rarely see anymore is something I wont pass up on. I went an entire 8 1/2yrs of being alienated from my family due to a relationship choice...I won't do that again. Also, considering that people are running their own separate's of the utmost importance to me to cherish these moments of togetherness. For what it's worth...we'll do this in the summertime for no reason at all...the menu will just be different.

I hope you all enjoyed your day. Much love to you! 

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Spoken Word ™ said...

What's with this sudden desire by everyone to try and lessen the significance of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving celebrates the colonists surviving their 1st year. It has nothing to do with the genocide that came later. That's like saying celebrating Christmas I wrong because Jesus was later crucified.

Da_Kween said...

I don't know about other people's "sudden" desires, but I've always felt that way...and those "colonists" were still the beginning process of a cycle of land stealing and all things to follow. It's not a "religious" holiday so I have no interest in celebrating it...anymore than I wait for Mother's Day to tell my mother how much I appreciate her, or need Valentine's to tell my lover I love him. I don't REALLY celebrate Christmas, because it's not even Jesus' far as I'm concerned...any day of observance that has been commercially perpetuated and devalued with "things" and "occasion" isn't something I've been too fond of. I'm all in to being thankful, grateful, appreciative...ALL year long and don't need a day to remind me.

This is MY perspective so I don't need ANY one to agree...just respect that and not be flip about it as if to make my feeling seem frivolous.

Thanks for stopping in.

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