5 Minutes Left

As I write this with the quickness
I slide this post in with some slickness
Tryna beat the clock to twelve
Into the night...I begin to delve
Knee deep in some thoughts I fight
The ones that leave me alone in fright
That the way I once believed in all things good
Is coming to a close with a bunch of "should"
I sit and ponder on this thing I see
Unfolding like a dramatic plot unmercifully
I step away so as not to let it hit my feet
But I end up against the wall...feeling weak
Amazed at how I got lost in this time
As the clock is now saying 11:59
I close this out and say good night...
I'll see you tomorrow...I guess tonight...

2 scopers scoping:

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Go Kween...go Kween!

Da_Kween said...

LOL...girl, I'm REALLY trying to keep with this challenge. I've got 8 more days to go and then I'm taking about a week off (or more) from bloggin. *sheesh*

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