Monkey Bullshit

I watched Oprah today. I rarely watch her show anymore. Today, though...I don't know if I watched because of the unveiling of Charla Nash' disfigured face...or just the story behind it. I'd heard so many people's assumptions of what happened with Travis the monkey...from the woman having sex with him and him being fed up *insert a WOW* to the many other inane conclusions. I will admit that I did NOT read too much on it. I heard the story and even saw a Youtube parody of it (which I made a favorite at the time and have since removed it for personal reasons).  So, when today's Oprah came on...this was indeed my first time really understanding what took place. Yet, that's not what's got me typing. I could definitely have jumped on the bandwagon and showed you a pic of Charla Nash, but this is not just about her.

We humans tend to personify animals way too much! I joke and play with someone whose cat gets dressed to the nines and then into a polo, jeans and kicks...all through the fun of imagination and a good laugh. Yea, we for real. This is something I've been saying for a long time and I stick to my guns on it. I know that people love their pets and love to make them a part of their family. In doing so, a lot of folks like to dress up their pets. I never knew that a dog or cat or any other naturally furred animal needed extra help keeping warm. I understand that an animal that is domesticated may not know how to survive normal things like keeping warm and procuring their own, I get that depending on the climate one lives in, or the size of the pet, or even whether they have short or long hair can determine whether they may need a Snuggie. All jokes aside though...when you start making exotic animals your pet, you're looking for a dangerous situation to unfold. No animal...not even your average cat or dog...has forgotten their animals instincts so thoroughly that they wouldn't turn and attack. It happens...CLEARLY! So the whole dressing up animals and allowing venomous and/or unpredictable animals playing with the beyond my comprehension.

Every time I look up, someone is trying to domesticate wild felines, big snakes, primates, etc. First of all...anything that can choke the life out of me, whose open mouth is bigger than my head, or has teeth as long as my fingers...hell and TO the unmitigated NO! I am not endangering my life or the life of anyone else for the love of an animal. Maybe that is what gets me...that people care more for animals than they do other humans. How twisted is that? How crazy is it that people care more about animals ("Oh, they can't speak for themselves or defend themselves from us encroaching on their habitat")...but, are so quick to disregard the life of another man or woman? 

Don't get me wrong...
I love nature shows and how they survive IN THEIR HABITAT! But if I knew someone lived a fence or so away from me who owned something that scared the hell out of me, like a cobra or some off shit...I'd keep one eye open on the windows and doors and the other on the cell and knives. That's just me...but, I think it starts with a few things. Remembering that your pet IS an animal. I love my cat-nephew Gizmo. (lmao) He's a cutie, he's crazy and he's funny...but, he's a cat. Period. I don't DO pets in my bed. I don't DO pets where I eat. Cats and other house pets don't belong on the counter or at the table. I'd love on my pet and the whole nine...but, a whole bunch of treating them like children and allowing them in spaces where they cross over from pet to human Putting clothes on them and spending exorbitant amounts of dollars on those same clothes, shoes, and pet accessories is insane to me. I'm sure Travis' owner thought it was okay to have him out of his cage, chilling, playing with her in the house. I also wondered why Travis didn't attack HER. That one has got me tripping. She was there but called Charla to "help" her get Travis into his cage...a woman who in her own words thought was "big and scary". Something is wrong with that story...more holes than swiss...and now so is that woman's life.

I cried watching that. It hurt me that this woman's quality of life is diminished because of an animal that didn't even belong to her...but mostly, because of her will. She had the spirit and will to fight for her life. The medics said she was still conscious when they arrived...her face and arms shred...she was still awake on arrival to the ER. Today, as Oprah had sung Happy Birthday...she laughed. She LAUGHED! She has laughter in her life and she cant even express it because of this tragedy.

If you think you have it bad...go look at Charla Nash and ask yourself, if it's REALLY that bad. Oprah said, "I have no excuses" Agreed.

PLEASE unclothe these animals and stop playing. LOL

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CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Whew, sorry, "unclothes these animals" made me chuckle. Seriously, I think people who do this kind of thing have problems with human interaction and find animals to be "easier" to deal with. I don't know. I love my sister's dog and all, but even that hussy has a place...and it's not wearing matching snuggies and painting each other's nails (yes, I'm referring to my doggie

I'm happy to know Charla has been able to recover some semblance of what we consider a "normal" life.

the.kisser said...

i remember when i first heard about that story, a part of me said 'you dyman idiot'. i agree with you, we coddle these animals too much and we forget that they are animals, fully capable of nyaming of your head and face.

i love animals, and i've had a few pets in my life, one being a cat, who i must admit slept on my feet and watched me take showers ...LOL but at the end of it all bun the snuggie and put them where they belong!


Da_Kween said...

@CG~ I know, I wrote it and laughed. lol

I believe that their people skills are off. Some folks make these animals their companions and are oh-damn-kay with it.

@kiss~ As my mother likes to say, "That'll learn em dern em" *sigh*

RiPPa said...

Ya think the monkey wore a condom?

::Kanye Shrug::

Butterfly Effect said...

A sad situation indeed. This is one of those lessons you wished you could get again with a different result.

Da_Kween said...

LMAOOO @ Rippa!! I don't know man...he probably didn't. LOL

@B.E.~ for real...I wish that she could replay the tape on that one. I know she would've quit the moment that woman asked her to help her.

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