A Year Later

I had to write about it...I mean, it's what I do. I blog. I blog my life, the life around me and in this instance...a life missed.

A year ago today, my grand-kween (as I've grown fond of calling her) left this plane for a more heavenly one. I remember the day so vividly. Waking up lethargically...not wanting to go into work. Sitting on the side of my bed, wondering how she was doing in the hospital and trying to wait for a good time to call my dad to check in on her. As I sat there feeling dismal with the dread of what I already sister called. She'd called the job thinking I'd gone in and decided to try the cell. She was on her way to get me because dad had called and asked us to come soon. The doctors weren't expecting her to make it.

I began dressing and when sis got to the house...we left for Mt. Vernon.

When we got there...she was gone. I went to her bed where she laid...her chest still moving from the machines (to keep her viable until the family had seen her) and all I could do was hold her. I held her and cried the hardest cry to date. I choked on tears and pain and didn't want to let her go...but, I did.

I'd done so two days before. I sat and spoke to her spirit and told her she could go. 81 years is a  grand and beautiful age at which to go out. 8+1=9...which is a number of completion...divine. (Think 9mos of pregnancy or the 9 numbers)

She was inspirational and loving. She had a hearty laugh and a sassy attitude. She's made her mistakes, but still lived as best as she could without apology. She raised her kids and she held them down no matter what. She was a pillar of the community and helped many through her job at the city hall of our hometown. To sit in her funeral, March 8th, 2010...and hear so many speak of her as I knew her and MORE...was a wonderful way for her to cast off and transcend.

I am proud to be her grandbaby. Her "Baby Love". Her "Monkey". (the buck stops will NOT laugh at the other name she had for me) LOL

I love you, Grandma...I miss you...and I pray that I make you proud in the way I'm living. Hopefully, I'll see you one day not too soon.

R.I.P. Beautiful...

**I'm changing this pic as soon as my dad gives me another one :)

9 scopers scoping:

The God'ess said...

When the Creator made grandmothers, He made the salt of the earth.

I still wanna know the nickname, though. :)

Thee_Kween said...

I could NEVER tell YOU! You'd tease me relentlessly and I'd have to divorce you. LOL

kisha said...

That was beautiful Kween!!! Making me cry while Im @ work.. But I still want to know the name

Thee_Kween said...

LOL @ dice on the nickname!

*handing you a Kleenex* ;)

The God'ess said...

You could NEVER divorce me! *sings* And I am tellin yoooooou, I'm not goin'!!

Alovelydai said...

Beautiful sis! And yes we're gonna need those names! LOL!

Butterfly Effect said...

You are blessed to have known the beautiful spirit of your she was a Cancer, so I already know she was a cool gal.. Love you, Kiwi! ((((HUG)))

Thee_Kween said...

@Dai~ um...NOPE! LOL

@BE~ Yes she was a cool gal. Love you, too :)

25champ said...

time flies I remember when u first blogged about her passing...I miss mine 2 :) its just a blessing 2 have some1 in ur life that is full of meaning (It's a beautiful thing)..something that makes u want 2 strive 2 b a better person just 4 them 2 see...Well I think ur grand kween would be proud. U r 1 heck of a lady

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