Oh Natchel

As promised...I'm keeping you guys posted on my natural hair journey. I washed my hair tonight and decided to give you all a peek at my "wig". 11 months relaxer-free and this is what you get...

Before the comb-through

I'm clearly channeling Chaka Khan. LOL

I used Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding that my girl Joy gave me. I like it so far. I messed up though. I should've deep-conditioned my hair but I was kinda rushing. Next time I'm gonna do an olive oil deep conditioning and THEN apply the pudding.

I wore it in a ponytail the next day...had some waves...

I ended up running a blow-dryer through it the next day after work. I couldn't take it. I need to work on managing the texture better. Eventually, with practice it will soften and my curl pattern will relax.

I'll keep ya posted :)

3 scopers scoping:

Butterfly Effect said...

You have beautiful hair, Kiwi. It will be hard to mess it up. ;) But, the curly pudding can harden your hair a bit. I definitely suggest that you condition and moisturize it thoroughly (like you mentioned).

Give me some of that hair! :)

Thee_Kween said...

Aw, thanks BE. Yea, I do think it hardens (even though it says it doesn't) I won't make that mistake twice...conditioning is a must!

DownSouthGAGirl said...

My Daughter going natural and I have no clue on how to manage it. So I will continue to follow you for the latest.

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