When The Well Runs Dry

Every day...we wake up, turn on a TV, a faucet, plug in an iron, a blow dryer...and go about our day. We enjoy our cell phones, laptops and iPods...thinking very little of what makes it all tick.

As, I was in the kitchen tonight...I became absorbed in thought. As I listened to the faucet's flow turn to noise in my ear...I asked myself a question. "What if this all stopped tomorrow...what would I do? If my faucet ran dry...the electrical outlets went cold...the fridge quit humming...what would I do? How would we as a land of many amenities and luxuries, respond to the shutting down of resources. No more clean water, no more convenient shopping for foods and textiles. All that would be left are houses that serve no other purpose than to protect us from the elements. Do you think we would or could adapt? Do you think we'd be open to learning how to start from scratch? Learning agriculture and doing things by hand instead of expecting a machine to do it for us...what would happen to our land?

I see what happens when people are disconnected from the Internet for some reason or another. It's like crack. Yet, what if that life wasn't just a lapse of bill payment, technical difficulty or lack of hardware? What if it were forced onto us by way of some catastrophic event that leveled our current way of living to the ground. Could you survive? Would you WANT to survive?

Could you chase down your own yak ass ala National Geographic? Could you see yourself, building fires, using buckets as toilets...or instead of bringing back SEXY, you brought back the outhouse...scary, huh?

I remember watching The Jetsons and wanting my dinner to come out of a maching piping hot from a small box (wait...that's a microwave). Well, how about the moving sidewalk? (shit, that's a treadmill). Okay, what about the car that turns into a briefcase? HA! Anyway, I remember wanting to live in the future...and now that we're kinda sorta here...I wonder how quickly we could go backwards. (Remember the special they did where the Flintstones switched places with the Jetsons?). I wonder if we'd turn on each other out of boredom...victims of indoctrinated ADHD. I wonder if we'd die due to lack of adaption. I'm sure there would be a group of weaker people who'd die from fear and confusion...just as I'm sure there would be a group of outdoorsy types who'd be chopping wood, building fires, and creating perfectly sound huts ala Gilligan's Island.(Do you all remember the PERFECTLY built huts, tables, chairs, cycling CAR, etc. that they built on that island? The Professor was the BOMB, lol)

I, digress...again. ~damn that short attention span~

I wondered what would become of this society if all that we knew was razed to the foundation and we were forced to re-build society. How would the pampered people of NOW deal with a very BARE life?

Would YOU survive?

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ABoyd378 said...

VERY Thought Provoking!!

Tomorrow and the Amenities and Luxuries within are never guaranteed. As my Dad always told me, there are 2 Absolutes: Taxes and Death. Other than that, NOPE. As far as Adapting to the Change of the World, if things were suddenly taken away from us, VERY FEW are up for the task. For those individuals that are, I applaud them.

I can adapt without Internet personally. There was something once upon a time called "Human Contact," and a lot of people got away from that for one reason or another (Possibly the strong desire for the Representative to step forward as opposed to their Actual Self, I really don't know let alone anyone else...). If everything were to get cut off, It'll turn into FrontierVille REALLY Quick around here, regardless of the standing buildings. To be Honest, the TRUE people that'll Survive that aspect would be the Farmers and the Amish. My Opinion.

"Okay, what about the car that turns into a briefcase?"

Found it!!


I think I would survive one thing about growing up with my grandmother around she always did things the "simple way" and told us don't rely on those dohickies to get by...she was born in the 20's and raised my mom that way also I've wondered what life would be without technology im sure one day we will find out.

Alovelydai said...

I think the we all sorta learn this lesson every time there's a power outage. During the last one my family went out for snowballs (they still had power & it was HOT). LOL! I remember watching the Haiti coverage of a woman who survived 5 days in a flattened grocery store. I think I could be her...for 5 days. But if we were all blinked into the stone age it would get UGLY real quick.

25champ said...

I like to think that I will. I to wonder about our society and their ability to adapt if their was sunami that wiped out everything. I believe that most would parish. It's not because of lack of faith it's because of the inability to adapt. Mankind is spoiled atleat in the United States they are and ppl would become "Dog Eat Dog". Great Post to ponder..check out I Love My Country But We Can Be Shitty Sometimes

Mahoganydymond said...

I probably could adapt.. I know for one I would seriously become a Vegetarian again... I can't kill no animal..

AS far as not having technological stuff.. I might be ok I can live without a cell phone.. I just don't know about my computer. LOL

So now you going to have me sitting here thinking about things I can live with out..

I know for one.. I will have more money in my pocket.. LOL

Thee_Kween said...

LMAO @ Only you. *smh*

@Budda~ My grandmother for the longest time wouldn't put on the A/C. She said "When "I" was younger there were no A/C's...we used fans and sometimes they were handheld fans. So y'all will survive!" LOL I still don't know if I'd survive a COMPLETE leveling of our electricity and "store" system. I mean, I'm addicted to

@Dai~ It would get REAL ugly. Imagine no salons to tighten up the hurr and no products to shave the places that we love to keep smoove. LOL

@Champ~ I'm glad you believe you'll survive. I SURELY hope that I hook up with a woodsy type. LOL

The Untouchable said...

I have to agree with Budda.....I was raised my my grandparents (born in the depression). So I was taught how to work with my hands and plant gardens etc. So I guess if all hell breaks loose country boys will REALLY be in style!!

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