My Cup is 1/2 Full...Please Don't Knock Mine Over!

Why fo' can't I sit here and sip out MY damn cup...without suckas tryna knock it out my hand?

Okay, I will NOT go into the specifics (tired of talking on THAT subject)...all I'm going to say is that negativity spreads like wild fires...setting aflame everything in it's path. Even the beautiful things that just so happen to be in it's way. Sometimes people don't THINK they're being negative...but, here's a few tips to search your soul for that answer:

~Is what I have to say helping?
~Did anyone ask my opinion? (this should be #1)
~If I don't say anything is it going to kill me?

Every thought doesn't have to be articulated. I say this 1,000 times a day. We all fall victim frequently to the Internet's lure of instant gratification...think it now...say it NOW!  Yet, there is something that sits between thought and action. It's called the BACKSPACE button. JUST when you start tip-tapping on those keys and your words spill out through your fingertips...take ONE second and ask yourself how necessary it is. If you still feel the need to press be it. (At this point, certain things said in MY opinion are now tools for attention to either get an "Amen Corna" or to stand out).  After this...whatever.

I don't get in the way of people's individual expression. I see shit every day that makes me want to figure out a way to petition companies to check for Chimp genes before letting folks buy a computer. Yea, I said it...I'm convinced that some of these "personalities" are REALLY named Bo-Bo, Cocoa da Chimp, Bubblez' cousin Sudzie...and that they wear overalls and bow ties every day. *want a banana?* LOL.  Seriously, I mostly sip from this cup o'mine and savor the flavor of patience, understanding, compassion and freedom...mine and other's. I just don't care what you're sipping on. If I love you...I'll offer you some of what I'm drinking. If you say, "no thank you"...I'll continue to sip and consider saving you some just in case you change your mind.

I also have a gripe with the snooty, haughty, snobbish folks coming in with their "I'm too good for this". LAWD, it's enough to make me lose my religion (wait, Iowneeben go to church) ...well, make me wanna cuss. The quickest way for ME to snub YOU is for YOU to snub everything. My ex used to hate on my love of FB games. "Why do you play that stuff? Shouldn't you be reading a paper?" MAN...if you don't....MAN...don't make me pop you!!! 

I've HAD it. I walk lightly through life mostly. Yea, I have my moments when life kicks my ass and I kick it right back. It pulls my hair...I kick it's shins. "WHAT, Life...DO somefin, FOO!" LOL...but, for the most part...I'm chill. I'm in my own groove, kicked back, chilling off the vibes that flow from friends, fam, and mostly GOD. If I'm some place that is too this or that for me...I find another place to be.  Isn't it just that simple? WHY must folks dampen others' spirits for things. Why does other people's unhappiness, insecurities, big-headed egos, etc. have to step on other people's pinky toes? SOME times...just UNPLUG! ::GASP::  *oh, no she didn't say dat* YES DAMN YOU...UNPLUG!! Instead of spitting on someone else's fire with your lofty attitude and basement bullshit...log off. Take a breath. Go meditate. Read the Dictionary. Go watch a movie. Research your name. Play with your/someone's kid. Call up an elder in your family and say hi. Draw something by hand. Go take a walk and take pics (my fave). Either way...learn to STFU. I sweeear, I still got coupons for that. Giving them out by request. Some...well, you just might win one in the Kween's lotto. O_O

"Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people / Put they body on the stretcher, carry they ass out " ~ Busta Rhymes

11 scopers scoping:

The God'ess said...


But this is so true! I even blogged something similar so I now have definitive proof that you and I are sisters. Love this and love you.

Butterfly Effect said...

SAY IT! But, you know I'm the rebel. Like the late Bernie Mac would say, "you think I won't say something?" LOL

Seriously though, I know how to unplug and I use that feature often.


My sentiments exactly sis....

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Chil'! You know how folks be on that extra nonsense, meanwhile our minds are chanting obscenities and barely paying attention. Yep, we can relate. you dug up Sudzie is a little ;-)

Alovelydai said...

There you go all up in my brain again.

Done at you threatening "life". What life do to you huh?

Thee_Kween said...

@God'ess~ LOL...YES, SUDZIE! Yes, we are sisters! (((love you back)))

@BE~ Don't make me get the belt, sucka! LOL

@Budda~ Yea, I know you were itching to say some things earlier and yesterday. lol

@CG~ Why is it alarming? *giggling hard*

@Dai~ I am TRYING to stay out of your business...but it just keeps calling me man! lol

Life beat my ASS this year, me and Life got issues a little bit. We aight though! ;)

Nobody's Angel said...

I can definitely roll with this Kween, even on 360 (RIP) it was always some form of drama daily. I have met some kick ass people online but at the end of the day 70% of this is entertainment. It isn't that serious!!

Mahoganydymond said...

You know it is a lot of things I don't like. I used to let it be known.. Now I just bite my tongue and pray that the person see their ways and see how they are acting.. Heck I unplug ALOT of things to this day.. :)

Wizzy Jr. said...

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Thank you Jesus.


Mahogani Blyss said...

Well your Majesty, I could not have said it better myself. Some folks are just horrible, miserable people that want to rain on your parade or "spit in your cup!"

If ya don't mind, please pass some of those coupons my way so I can hand them out...Lawd have mercy cause folks around me sure need it...

Love ya!

Thee_Kween said...

@Nobody's~ I just wish that people would respect other people's right to be where they are. If we're all on a site together, what makes one person think that THEIR brand of postings is more acceptable/less annoying, than anyone else's. HUSH sometimes.

@Mah~ That's all we have to do. If you see something or someone that annoys you that badly, delete/block or just log off for a while.

@Wizzy~ LOL, you know it! *pass the plate while you're at it* lol

@Mahogani~ Yes, misery STILL loves company! lol

Go ahead and copy that coupon and spread as many around as you please. Courtesy of The Kween! LOL

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