Peppermint Patty or Marcie?

Which one are you? If either?

If you're Peppermint Patty (we'll call her P.P. for short)...then you're the one in charge. You're the kinda chick whose friend[s] roll with her out of fear, need, or boredom. You can't roll with Lucy, because she'll probably kick your ass. You don't roll with Sally, because she's too young and she's C.Brown's sister, so you don't want to hurt her or you'll never sniff C.Brown's breath. The little Red-Headed girl is too "cute" for you...with her, you become the "ugly friend". At least with Marcie, no one's checking for her either, so you like rolling with someone on equal or lower status than you. You make Marcie do all of your dirty work. If you want to know something, send Marcie. Marcie will watch your kids, do your laundry, loan you cash, tell you what you want to hear and call you "sir" all the while.

If you're Marcie...chances are you're probably smarter than P.P. You hang with her because she's the only one that acknowledges you're around. You KNOW that if you had balls you wouldn't even deal with her. You'd get some contacts...or not, create your own circle or hook up with Lucy. At least then, you'd know that Lucy would beat the tar shit out of P.P. for rolling up wrong.

Okay, yea...I took The Peanuts and thugged em out a little..but there's a message. As I sit watching yet another reality show (Basketball Wives)...I grow disgusted more and more by the moment watching Evelyn run roughshod over every chick on the show. Shaunie, the producer and HBIC... invites Tami Roman (ex of Kenny Anderson and ex-Real World cast member) to meet...and she decides she already doesn't like her. (Fast Forward to the preview of an upcoming show where Tami lunges into Evelyn's ass). I hate that no one checks her...assertively...on her shit. There's something to be said for the kind of woman who doesn't want her friends to like ANYONE but the point, she'll sabotage every other connection. I bask in the variety of friends I have...and I'm cool that each friend I have has her own bestie or her friend isn't quite mutual. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you're stuck under your friend too much, it can make you grow sick of them. Weeks go by before I spend a day or more with my friends and I'm cool on that. I have always been a homebody and I revel in my alone time. It feeds my writer's passions and my artist's inspirations. Too much of everyone else's energy can drown out the call of your own individual desires.

It's a damn shame that chicks are so catty...especially when you're in your 30's, parents and responsible citizens with jobs/careers. Grow up Peppermint Patty...and quit wearing the damn Birkenstocks. Get you some Uggs. LOL

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Mahoganydymond said...

LOL.. It is sad.. I know a Peppermint Patty.. She is also like Evelyn.. It is like she likes none of your outside friends.. Then get pissed if you spend to much time with another friend..

I laugh.. I never knew that friends can be so needy...

The God'ess said...

I'm neither. I'm probably most like Lucy...opinionated, loud and a little tough but mushy when it comes to certain things.

Caprice Starbrite said...

LMAO...Hilarious! I love this!! I've met all these ladies and frankly, I got a little Peppermint Patty mixed a touch of Lucy; so you know I'll have to beat someone down and then walk away like nothing happened! LOL

Seriously, I'm glad the ladies I have around me now, are real with their shit!

Cute posts Peaches! :)

Thee_Kween said...

@Mah~ You have NO clue HOW needy folks can be. Some folks aren't secure with their friends having friends. I guess the fear is that they'll wake up and decide they don't want to be their friend anymore. ~shrugs~

@God'ess~ I can see you being Lucy. Remind me not to play football with you. lol

@Caprice~ Yea, that's you. P.P. & Lucy. I told Chante, I'm a little Lucy, Sally & the Little Red-Headed girl. LOL

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