Snapshot #4: Low Angle

Photo of: Low Angle

When I walk home from work I pass these flowers everyday. I usually want to take a picture of them, but I'm always concerned that the owner[s] may see me out the window and  wonder what the hell I'm doing near their flowers. I looove flowers and have been known to be a flower thief...mostly as a child. My mother said I was famous for coming home with a handful of flowers from someone's garden talmbout "Here, Mommy..." with the big kid grin :)  LOL

These were so vibrantly orange/red that I felt I crossed the street, readying my phone's camera...and then slid up like an ace detective, snapped it and bounced. I didn't even look to see if it was "good"...I just put the camera low and snapped. LOL

So low angle.

3 scopers scoping:

Icnonlybme said...

Oh dear...I'm out of sequence already. *sigh*

Love that you were on the detective tip though...

*giggle* your word verification is unchies

Reggie said...

Nice flowers, it's a very nice shot.

Thee_Kween said...

Dee~ Yea, I had my Go-Go Gadget Gear on...anything for the cause. LOL (the hell kinda word?)

Reggie~ Thanks...I was oh so slick with it. lol

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