Snapshot #12: Beautiful

Photo of: Beautiful

This is a pic of the eyeshadow that I was sent by my girl Tina of Kozmik Xxplosion Body & Beauty.

What is beautiful about this is not just the gorgeous blue-green metallic color it provides, perfectly offsetting my yellow undertones...

...but, also that she's living her passion. That is always beautiful. I took a pic with it on...and honestly MY camera does it no justice. It POPS and I felt very glam in it. Watch out soon for a blog featuring her products. Until then, tip-tap on that link up there for her product and see what she's offering...if you love all natural products, SHE is your girl!

I felt "beautiful"

2 scopers scoping:

Icnonlybme said...

Isn't the color gorgeous?!?!?!

I refuse to comment on the yellow undertones...I refuse! I refuse!

WTheck is a fuengrai? That's the word verification word O_o

Thee_Kween said... really is! SO proud of her!

LMAO...go 'head DEEBO...SAY IT!!

um...I heard "fune'gral" in my

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