Happy Happy, Joy Joy

I began talking to Ms Joyous (as I like to refer to her) over a year ago. We became friends through a mutual acquaintance and it just stuck. LOL

Truth is, the circumstances surrounding our friendship's conception was hardly smooth or cordial. Sure, we were nice to each other. I thought she was sweet and her connection with our friend was cute to me...but some misunderstandings crept in that could've ended badly. She was always so sweet though, which is so funny, because the day I spoke to her on the phone I had no clue she was gonna be YORK! LOL I knew she lived in the Bronx, but...well, I just expected something different. She was full of "Yo, son's" and "Ya Heard May's" and it was too funny. What's even funnier is that she is from Alabama (can't shake that state for THIT!) and I thought she might have a little twang...yea...RIGHT! lol

LAWD, lemme tell you...she's a handful. In essence...we're complete opposites. From our signs, she, our nature. She's a pessimist, I an optimist. She's highly sexual...I'm more conservative. And THIS one...shocked me...she's VERY sensitive and I, well...I'm sensitive as well...but, I more mental. *yall, better not touch that!*

SO, as our friendship burgeoned towards a sisterhood, we encountered some snafus but we made it out unscathed. Along the way, she brought Buttercup aka Celeste along for the ride and it was so cool that we decided to meet back in November 08. We missed a couple of dates, until we just couldn't take it. At one point or another, Joy, Celeste and I were all going through emotional situations that we felt merited some sister love. So, on December 6th, 2008...I hopped on a Metro train and went to the Bronx. Joy met me at the train station and we clicked immediately (even though she accused me of being light-skinneded...which still has YET to be proved). We shot to her place, she made me breakfast and we waited for Celeste to show. We had a BALL. We had a GREAT time and that's all I'm gonna say. *lmao*

This woman, whose love for hip hop isn't rivaled by anyone I know is a piece of work. She's a consummate Erykah Badu fan and lives by the music on her Ipod. She loves to blog and has a passion for make-up that is as strong as mine is for cooking. Give us $1000.00 and set us loose? She'll go to MAC and Sephora...I'll find Williams-Sonoma. We're both lovers of the butterfly...but for different reasons (at least it began as such). Her motto is, "Change one thing...change everything" in reference to a theory and the movie, "Butterfly Effect". I love butterflies, because although they're gorgeous and can symbolize ANY one's journey of growth. Together, we've hurt and cried...laughed and loved. We rarely miss IM sessions and try to touch base often on the phone (though she's not a phone person...girl, gimme that BB) lol. This 5'7" Alabama born beauty, has the most tender soul, which is covered by a harder shell (crab anyone?) and though she doesn't know helping her through her storms, helps me as well. She hard-headed as HEYELL...but, I still love her. lol

Since initially speaking over the phone, meeting at her house and us spending a couple of weekends together since...she's surely become my sister. Now, don't get me wrong...there are several tiers to sisterhood. There's basic "we're women" sisterhood. There's "we're strong black women" sisterhood. There's "she cool as hell" sisterhood. There's "we're besties" sisterhood" and then there is "we couldn't be closer if we had the same mama" sisterhood. I have a biological sister who is like my twin...and no one can replace her and no one tries...yet, there are a few ladies who I'd ride on a fool for in a HEARTBEAT! I can truly say, one of them.

Happy Birthday, Joyous One...

Love, Kiwi

**you can view her blog HERE! You can follow her on Twitter HERE**

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CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Now that's the some sista love right there! Who couldn't love Kiwi ;-).

Da_Kween said...

Awwww...thank you Melzie. Yea, she is like that little sister that would've gotten you in trouble because she cried every time something happened, and you got in trouble for not watching her.

Oh, wait...yea...I had one of those anyway. LMAO Thank GOD she's grown!

Butterfly Effect said...

I LOVE YOU KIWI!!! You seriously made me sound like a sane person....LOL nah, just kidding. I'm only wacky once a month...shut it!!! LOL

You set the tone for the day. I got out of bed with a smile today because of you. And I thank you.


Da_Kween said...

I love you, too Joy. You're welcome. I was a little pissed that I didn't get to spend your bday with you...but, we'll do something soon once you're home.

*returning hugs*

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