Season of the Mangina: Bitchassness

I have been forced to write this. It saddens me to call out so many wet in the middle men, but you've asked for it. Over and over again, you did.

The whining (Why are you doing this to me?). The bitching (Whose that clown and why he on your page?). The moaning (I need you more than "them"). The temper tantrums (I hate you *insert expletive*). What in the BOILED LILLIED LIVER? Now, look...I'm not saying men can't express themselves or be sensitive...but come on! If I hear ONE more, "I can't commit because the one before you made me a scared beyotch" excuse...I'm gonna put you on the stroll and make your mangina work for me one way or the other. If I hear one more, "If I could be with you I would, but my circumstances are fucked up...but, don't YOU go get nobody else because I put a claim on that and I would turn into a straight a-hole if someone else got it before I did!". We all have things that happened to us in the past...people who stomped on our heart and best intentions and abandoned us for someone new or nothing at all. Does this mean you can't get some ack right? Is a good woman supposed to wait by years for you to figure out that she's the one (well, after you've screwed and taste-tested). Or how about the ever popular. "I need to do me"...which translates into...well, I'm doing others, too.

Does this sound like you? If it does, its don't have to raise your hand. You can be anonymously bitchassed...just know THIS! I am about to market some Manpons for yall, so you can plug that ish up and quit being weak. There are some GOOD women out here, willing to be everything they can think of being to a good MAN, but if you're gonna make excuses for why you're not ready to love, why you cant get your shit together, why you cant express the full extent of your sprungocity on the woman in your soul, why you insist on trying to manipulate, test, lie, finesse and pimp your way through your adult years...dont expect the women in the building to consider you men. We ARE going to allow ourselves to be open to a man who is open to BEING a man in our lives. All this pussyfooting around as my grandmother would say, is for the birds and NOT the bizness.

I don't know about any other women, I speak for me on THIS thing here...I love being empowered to be strong and independent. I love the idea of having a voice and being able to stand up for me and my kind, but there is a traditionalist resident inside of me, who appreciates some old-fashioned roles. I'm not used to all this "mewing" that these men seem to be doing lately. The double standard shit is getting old, too. Do not expect for a woman to accept your nagging on what she needs to fix about her, how her shit ain't tight...and then yours is loose and willy nilly.

I hope this is just a season and not a turning of the time...because I'm gone need this bawling out of control to cease and desist.

And I'm TIDE!

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Untouched Jewel said...

Kween, I TRULY hope someone bitch ass ninja somewhere reads this and gets the message! I'm sick and damn tired of them myself. It's time guys (I won't say men) need a swift foot to be put to ass, because this dumb ish must stop once and for all.
I wrote a post called 'Good enough to screw, but not marry' that just about touches on these dudes and their bitchassness syndrome. Check it out.
Peace & Blessings,
Untouched Jewel

Da_Kween said...

Thanks for coming through, Jewel. I will definitely stop by your blog and be sure to follow.

If you know any ninjas that need to read it, send em...anonymously of course. LOL

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Well, alrighty now...Kween puttin' peeps in place! Some things just need to be said...I couldn't even send mine

Da_Kween said...

Yea, this was a needed post. I have heard way too many of my girls telling me things that made my ass itch.

Wizzy Jr. said...

If I can't say a word, I'll just wave my Hands. *Waving*.

Seems some dudes forget that they have to stand up to take a piss.

Da_Kween said...

Seems as though someone needs to retrain them to go to the bathroom like big boys.

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