An Ode to Soul Mates

I wrote this for a friend of mine, who was trying to articulate how she felt about soul mates...I offered to help...

for my friend: an ode to soul mates

ever seen a movie
where eyes meet
hands shake
and in a whirl
a lifetime is exchanged
a flashed reel of
and then a shared soul smile
...souls meeting
and mating
without words
soul mates...
your love ebbs
making his spirit flow
his eyes twinkle
with your reflection
he is the image
of your affection
not just finished sentences
chemical reactions
romantic light
and shared showers
but finished goals
spiritual interaction
inspirational light
shared silences in the midday hour
where you are light...he's your anchor
where you lean right...she's to the left
balance of power
give and take
not take take take
or give give give
not equal
but what each needs
to feed the love within
getting you deep
seeing what resides
in the abyss
not enamored with the idea
but in awe of the entity
that is you
loving you in spite of
because of
instead of...
with a soul's mate
it never feels forced
its a swirl of emotions
a mental concoction
soulful melodies
not perfection
but something like it
a take it as you see it
love it or leave it
cant seem to beat it
there when you need it
too hungry to feed it
kinda love

3 scopers scoping:

Wizzy Jr. said...


Da_Kween said...

Thanks bruh! :)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

What a splendiferous ode! Excellent, Poetess DaKweenBee :-).

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