Cash, Credit or Boobs!

**watch the boobs...enjoy the boobs** **jacking your pockets** LOL

I took a trip to the grocery store today. No biggie. I do it all the time. Before I left the house, I picked out a shirt...ironed it...and put it on. I knew when I was ironing it, that it might give me trouble. LOL You ladies know what I mean, when the button is hanging on by a mere thread and can bust someone in the eye if you exhale to hard. So, I was reluctant to put it on...yet, I wanted to get on the road to do what I wanted. Ok, so the shirt is staying on *tug* because I'm only going food shopping *adjust*...there's probably nothing but old men and women out at 1pm on a Monday afternoon *button pops open* *closing button*.

So, was a repeat of THAT all day. I got highly irritated at one point when I realize that my shirt had all but opened by ONE button. *QQn around for lookey lous*. Mind you this shirt once hung off of me perfectly. (Guess I need to get back on my dance routine)

So, anyway...I traipse down the frozen foods aisle. Time for some veggies. The guy is loading up the freezer and as I grab up my corn and green beans, I ask for the broccoli florets. He offers to go to the back for some. He comes back with NOT the store brand I usually buy, but the Green Giant brand. So, I say, "Nah...those are too much. Thank you anyway..." Dude says, "No, these are the same price...the SAME price.." as he picks up 2 packs and hands them to me like I have no choice. I was confused because I KNOW Green Giant is more. He says, "When you get up front, tell them Jeff from Frozen said these are 2 for 3. Shhh, don't tell anyone else." as he said, smiling. I said, "Cool! Thanks, Jeff!" and sashayed away (hehehe)

I got about 2 aisles over and as I *adjusted* and *tugged* and *rebuttoned*...I realized...I bought broccoli at a discount price with BOOBS! LMAOOO

4 scopers scoping:

wizzyjr said...


Kweeni, you betta tell these women that think having big boobs is a curse!!! THEY GET YOU SOME GOOD SHIT!!!!

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I ain't never got anything b/c of mine! LOL!

Da_Kween said...

Girl you better push those bad boys together and make em bounce. LOL

mahoganydymond said...

Well.. You see the power in boobs...

I laugh at myself sometimes when I notice things like that..

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