Yea, RIGHT...Youz a DAYUM Lie!!

Ok people. I've noticed something. I've heard it personally and I've had my friends tell me this over and over again. A lot of people say things in the beginning of a relationship because they are under some spell called, "illsayanythingtogetu".

"I would NEVER treat you/hurt you like THEY did!"

~ I had a friend who was GORGEOUS, and guys usually fell over themselves to get with her. They'd promise to take the pain away only for the moment she showed she was HUMAN...for them to get discouraged, get turned off or for them to turn into just another fuck-up.

"I'm not the one before me"

~ Chances are you're SOMETHING like the person before you. Can you accept that? People are drawn to LIKE things/people. You may be different in some of your behaviors, ways of expression, traits (good and bad)...but, you may remind them of someone they loved before...especially if once you "get in" you begin to act complacent and take for granted your mate. If that's what they've experienced before...then you're JUST like the one before.

"I'll ROCK yo WORLD"

~ *rolling eyes* Get into the bedroom, theres NO foreplay and he just climb on top a ya and do his bidness. WTF? You ever seen Waiting to Exhale? The 2 scenes...the 1st with Lela Rochon where the chubby dude comes dancing in and just fumbles from the lifting her up to the quick finish? And then with Whitney Houston and dude from the New Year's party...he climb on and begins growling and grunting and she's looking at him like he's a loose animal! Yea...shit like THAT!!

"I'll drink your bath water"

~ Then when you draw the bath, take it and finish up...bring ole boy into the bathroom and give him a ladle and a soup bowl...he look at you all funny style! WHAT? LMAO...I had to throw some ha-ha in there.
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So...what lies have you heard that were spoken in "absolute genuineness" and were reneged the moment he/she got hold of your ass. This is for the Ladies AND the Gentleman...shit, women lie too! *QQn*

2 scopers scoping:

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

i love you, has been the biggest lie so far.

Da_Kween said...

Yea, that is the worse lie...but somehow it never gets old...and some one never stop falling for it.

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