It's Nothing But The Blog In Me

I tell you...I can't focus for SHIT! Just like the above picture of the Goddess Kali (my name) I'm never doing just one thing. If I am...I'm sleeping. LOL

The artist in me is so fickle. One day I'm blogging food, the next, poetry, then a myriad of topics...then I'm over on Passion's Fruit writing up some sex. (my current fave) Who can I blame? Can I blame social media? I mean, it's THEIR fault that I have a Facebook for family and friends, one for just the friends, two for games and another for *ahem*...stuff. LOL

Hmm, maybe I can blame Narcolepsy. Yea. Narcolepsy DOES make my short term memory unreliable and hurts my focus. (well, it does...shut it). I find my eyes glazing over when people's conversation gets monotonous. :::zzzzzzzzz:::

Okay, maybe it's just that I'm always thinking and that I've learned to be a multi-tasking phenomenon in order to facilitate my disorder's function. If I'm doing more than one thing at a time...I can stay awake longer. So, I blog here, there, tweet, status, play games, play music and watch TV all at the same time. Of can't take in so much without being influenced and sparking OTHER creative, my mind is always clicking and moving.

I would make a resolution to just go ahead and get focused...but, I can't focus long enough to figure out where to start.

Maybe, I shouldn't mess with know? I can't imagine doing just one thing at a time, or waiting for inspiration to appear. I just wish I had a better method for managing 4 blogs, 2 tumblrs and 5 Facebook accounts. Oy Vey!!

Anyway...I gotta go do stuff. lol

2 scopers scoping:

Alovelydai said...

4 blogs, 2 tumblers, & 5 Fb accts...lawd...where do u find the time?

I can barely snatch my thoughts & slap 'em down on 1 blog. It sucks too b/c I feel so creative between 4-6 in the morning but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.

I couldn't resolve to focus even if I focused on it.

Thee_Kween said...

Dai...I really DON'T. That's why the food blog has been neglected for months. I haven't written a poem in weeks...even this blog is sporadic. I'm so busy writing and stock-piling erotic stories for the other blog that I'm losing focus. As for the FB's easy. They facilitate my game playing. LOL The tumblrs are casual. I don't care if I post or not. It's at my whim. ~exhaling~ LOL

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