i love you~v day ode

i love you
sight unseen
breath not breathed
vibes not felt
i still melt
i love...YOU...
no thing spoken
no thing taken
or hoped
without bounds
or reason
without a way to cope
i do,
love you...
without a day dedicated
a season set aside
a moment savored
and tied
i love you
i do!
i love you...
when it hurts
though it shouldn't
when you were there
and when you couldn't
in my subconscious
and in my daydreams
before we met
and in future scenes
i love you
whether you deserve it
whether you're worth it
in the times
when dust collected
on trust expected
when you're loving someone else...
i love you
no bouquet of my faves
jewelry from kay's
no god diva's morsels
dates, dinners or sexcapades
no surprises with the best
or a heart pounding through chests...
can speak the magnitude
of my love for you
as i walk alone
on this day of love shown
and tan in other's loveshine
waiting patiently for mine...
no pause before answering
i can say
i love you
i do...

7 scopers scoping:

Butterfly Effect said...

I love it too...

Happy Valentine's Day! Beautiful work...

Mahoganydymond said...

So beautiful.... I love you....Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Kandia said...

Wow...girl you really need to get your work published quick, fast and in a hurry, you have a way with words. Keep up the good work :-)

Da_Kween said...

@BE~ Happy Valentine's Joyful!!! :D

@Mah~ Thank you Ladybug~ I love you, too!!!

@Kandia~ Thank you SO much...I'm in the process as we speak ;) Happy Valentine's Day!


*sigh & raise my glass 2 the queen* bravo mami!

Da_Kween said...

THANK you Budda! *clinking glasses* ;)

25champ said...

I'm feeling that. Check me out when you get a chance.

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