10 Things, 3am and OTHER random shit

For SOME God-forsaken reason...the 3-5 hours are my "insomnia" hours. I almost instinctively awake at 3am...Usually, I'd watch General Hospital's repeat on SOAPnet, but the service is out because we're switching to another. Instead...I sit here tip tapping away NO o'clock in the morning with a mind on a speed that would make most dizzy.

10 is my favorite number. *laughing at a private joke about the Illuminati* ~shaking that off~ probably have NO clue where my mind is, but about one or two others will get it...that's if they're on nighthawk time...'s my fave number for a few reasons. It's an even number and the OCD in me likes even things. My birthday is on the 10th of the month. I'm a 73 baby (do the math) and I'm presently 37 (I KNOW...I look GOOD don't I? *jealous huh?* HAHA...I kid...I kid. I have a few other reasons, but already probably think I'm a little I'll keep some fantasy in our relationship. ;)

On with the 10 things...maybe...

10 things pissing me off (yes...I'm an Angry Black Kween right now...but, I think it's a good look for me) 

7. Folks who feel entitled to YOUR
6. DUMB bishes who THINK they know you and DON'T (mental note taken, to stay to self)
5. The pure and utter bullshittity (thanks Wizzy) of a SUPERVISOR who knows less than ME! O_O
4. PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR...ASK for what you want, what you want to know...or SAY the shit...I'm not giving clues
3. Don't ask me shit and then tell me I'm wrong...WHY DID YOU ASK?
2. WEAK spirited folks...but wait, I can almost deal with a weak spirit...just not one who PRETENDS to be strong (fuckouttahereyo)
1. LIARS!!!

Now, don't think that I'm all anger and no management. LOL I'm expressing and venting so as not to implode. This is an exercise of relaxing, relating and releasing...and then T.D. Jakes shuffling through my day! So here's 10 more things...

10 things I feel GREAT about...

10. SHELTER in the dead of winter
9. FOOD in a hungry country (Yes, the U.S. is surprisingly STARVING at a growing rate)
8. Working limbs, mind, and senses
7. God-given gifts (i.e. singing, drawing, writing, LOVING, seeing spirit over flesh)
6. FAMILIA...yea, so WHAT they fell off an almond tree, but they're MINE!
5. The wonder that is my godchild...Syre
4. FRIENDS...they're the family God gave me the sense to choose.
3. The ability to know I'm blessed, pray, and's all HIM anyway!
2. Pepsi. LOL No seriously...I'm addicted and if I don't have it...I get the shakes.
1. LIFE...the life that is breathed into me with grace and beneficence every time I awake in this mere shell. To shake off those 10 things that piss me off and cause me to cuss and lose sight momentarily of my divine being and purpose in this life. Using my OWN life as a living testimony to give inspiration and receive it from those who impact me as well. Making a LIAR out of circumstances and saying to self...You are BLESSED. *insert T.D Jakes shuffle*

Now? I can sleep...Good morning! ;)

~I love you~

4 scopers scoping:

25champ said...

I would never have guess 37 and yes you do look good.
I hate a lying motha shut your mouth. lol
1,3,4,6,7, and 8 all speak directly to me on your posistive list. Great Post!

Da_Kween said...

THANKS, Champ *blushing on the compliment* Yea, a liar will ALWAYS get the stanky eye from me. LOL

Butterfly Effect said...

I love taking a ride with my emotions when I read your stuff. You are a full package of humor, truth and sincerity..Love you!!!

And yes, that #2 still got a bitch ...blinking like a crazy woman..LOL

Da_Kween said...

Aw, thanks sis...I just say what's on the forefront. I feel like a much happier person when I say how I feel. I know there are consequences...but, I was living much worse consequences for trying to be the "disciplined one".

LMAO @ you blinking like crazy. A few had my eye twitching. lol

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