Cornballs, anyone?

I saw a dude today on my Facebook home page status this: "My man's girl left him for a stupid is that?"

WOW. Well first off, myself and a high school friend immediately wanted to know what IS a cornball? My girl said, that cornballs are what's up at our age (iowno what age she talking on, lol)...but, I concurred to a degree. I said that "cornballs" tend to be more sensitive, attentive, respectful, etc...and not that I meant to infer his "man" wasn't any of those things...but, just that there's got to be a reason why his girl left him. If it were a man, leaving his chick for a "Plain Jane"...I'm sure that while the chick may begin some hateration...the dude would conclude that she was "handling business". *rolling eyes*

When this dude DID define cornball...the words he used were as follows: unsophisticated, old-fashioned, banal, sensitive and corny of course. So, being considered the "human dictionary" in my family...I broke it down to myself. (I was on the way to work, no time to argue points, lol) 

Well...what exactly IS unsophisticated? This dude, wears the best gear, jewelry, blah and blah. He's constantly posting male and female fashion. So to ME, I see already that his idea of sophistication is attached as much to material it is attitude and style. (FYI: Style and Fashion are two TOTALLY different things).  Then there is old-fashioned. Now, I don't have a problem with that. I hope the "cornball" isn't kicking it in crushed linen suits and gators from the 70's...update that papi. LOL...but, for the most part, when I think of old-fashioned...I think of a person who has old time values. Next...Banal? Well, banal is simply put..."common". That's just average. That's like saying..."Kiwi isn't dumb, nor genius...she's average smart." Well what in the hell is wrong with that? For the record...being OVER the top is OVERrated. A lot of folks stuck on themselves could learn a LOT from an average cat. Who is ANYONE to defer judgment onto someone else as being less than, especially based off of a superficial quality that can come or go...not like a true moral foundation, which is ingrained in you for life? I'd rather be an average "Joe"...getting what I need and owing little, than to be styling and profiling and not able to pay bills...not saying this is HIM, but come on, son! 

Then, sensitive...well, unless he's crying over EVERYTHING...constantly whining about life or has no sense of backbone or sign of his XY chrome...then I'm imagining sensitive means he cares. That he has a heart and isn't ashamed to be vulnerable. THAT takes strength. Only WEAK ass folks hide their vulnerabilities and pretend to let everything slide off their backs. No one is impenetrable. We're mere images of God...and remember that IMAGES...can be distorted. It isn't ALWAYS a crystal clear representation of the original form. Finally, we come to the word corny. Well, maybe it's just me...because I like nerds, silly jokes and a man who isn't afraid to let himself go. I love laughing at the mundane...making something everyday ordinary be outrageously funny with some imagination. I like a dude, who will say..."Babe, today is the anniversary of our first kiss". I like someone who remembers that I love pens and journals and brings me home one tucked in his coat. Corny is sometimes endearing and heart-warming.

You know...I sat there and shook my head until I walked INTO the office. I really did walk 20mins to work, rattling this off in my head. First off, I'm not impressed by material. Show me TRUE, unwavering, shameless, all-consuming love. Show me LOYALTY, TRUST, HONESTY, DEDICATION and RESPECT...and I will indeed be long as it's consistent. Don't start nothing you can't finish with me. At 37, I'm done with lip service. SHOW me! Hmph! I digress...but, yea...this got to me. Sophistication? I wanted to ask cat, "Does your INCOME outweigh your OUTGOING?".  When assessing your credit, liabilities and you come out on TOP? Are you flossing a fine luxury vehicle while either living with moms...or living in a  rented space or do you OWN? If you aren't balling out of control and coming out on TOP of your bills...then guess what "PAHTNA"? You ARE average...and seemingly a CORNBALL. The worst you don't even KNOW that. Like I said, give me a hard-working blue-collar man who provides and comes home at night. Who is a great father to any potential children...who loves on me sufficiently, and who is my best friend in the world. Give me THAT cornball...because if a sophisticated, snobbish, judgmental asshole is the other option...I'll pass!

By the way...did you catch that this man was somewhat in his feelings about his FRIEND being left for a cornball? How sensitive!! LMAO

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Kandia said...

LOL!!! I know that's right. I'll take cornball for $200 Alex!! Thank I'm lying...loved the way you broke it down.

Da_Kween said...

LOL, I'm SO with you girl. He was really somewhat "offended". He couldn't even say exactly WHAT was cornball about the guy...just that he is one. Sounded like hater-by-proxy to me. LMAO

25champ said...

I'm glad to see women who aren't superficiall cause everybody is so caught up in this Swag fest not realizing that swagger is a quiet confidence not loud, but I guess you would have to go back to early eighties to know that. At 29 I will take plain jane ova superficiall chick any day. And homeboy posting that comment about his friend is alittle sensitive I might add. Great Post!

Da_Kween said...

Champ, I really can't be bothered with people who deem material gain as the essence of life. When the pendulum swings down and the money and high life are gone...CAN you still be happy with each other? Can you eat soup and watch cable together, read to each other, laugh and entertain each other...after the energy of youth, sex, and flash are gone? I'm all for dreams and goals...but, come on...let go of the pretense.

*sorry for the rant* LOL

Cook.ThePoet. said...

L0L woooow!! Interesting...Well least we know what a cornball is lmaoo


Da_Kween said...

Cook, I really hate that term. It's like someone is saying, "I'm better than *blank*"...who gets to say so? Swagger isn't just a walk, a talk, a way of's a way of mental agility, charm and magnetism.

Hell...I MIGHT just be a damn cornball. lmao

Wizzy Jr. said...

Shit, if that's the case, I've been a Cornballs since I was a kid. *Kanye Shrug*. Oh, well.

And I can understand you getting pissed because your friend got played. That's what friends are for. You don't wanna see em' suffering...but you know damn well this "friend" was HIM.

Da_Kween said...

You know, Wizz...I ain't mad at dude for being upset for his friend...but, don't say that being a cornball = sensitive and you're BEING sensitive! (But YOU'RE not a cornball) O_o LOL

rainwriter jones said...

Corny men suck! But not saying men that are sensitive are corny, you know what I'm saying? It's just that you don't want 'em trippin' over their hems: crying and shit. (LOL)

Da_Kween said...

LMAO @ you Korky! Hey...I SAID that he shouldn't be crying about everything! LOL I SAID that man!!! *ctfu*

I just felt like a dude full of himself was considering an average cat a "cornball" off some judgmental crap. If a cornball equals a panty-wearing, bawling-outta-control, needs-a-bib type dude...then no way. I don't want his ass either. LOL

Mista Jaycee said...

My Prayers are with you Kween. Take a lil comfort of knowing that you will see her again. God Promised! Blessed are those who are in the 1st Resurection. Rev. 13
In the meantime, you were her joy walking! She was your joy walking too! Remember her a lil everyday!

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