The Next Level: Turning 40


ME...Kween...will be 40 (God willing) on January 10, 2013. I will have lived four decades (almost half of a century) on this earth.

I'm not daunted about the age though. Not the fears that I'll look back and wonder where my best years went, or ask myself what am doing with my life, or mourn the fact that I've yet to have children and most likely will not. (I've done that already).

Why cringe at the grace God's given me? I'll be 40 and will have survived these years with a healthy constitution  a roof and four walls, a circle of beautiful friends and a good, I'm blessed. I love who I am and what and who I've become. I'm proud of myself for having been consistent in friendships and personality and for having grown in the places that needed to grow. I pray I'll live to see the age my great grandmother died at...91. Sounds like a good number. Hell, if I survive to see 81...the age my grandmother died...I'll still have done this 40 thing, TWICE!

I have plans for my birthday. I've always just let my day pass without a thought to celebration. I used to wait around for people to surprise me (which happened once at the age of 30), but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to own my entry into my fine forties and kick it off with a bunch of ladies whom I couldn't imagine having anything but the best time with. There will be some missing from the fray...some by circumstance, others by choice...and perhaps...I'll nod and sip to their part in my journey. What I do that I am going to have a ball.

The weekend in question will boast dinner, drinks, fun and maybe even a little shopping...but mostly it will boast LOVE. The love for my friends and theirs for me. If I could invite EVERYONE and see to it that they all showed up no matter where they were coming from...I promise you, I would. What I AM certain of, is that the well wishes that will be in the room will be no more important than the ones I get from afar.

Wow...I'm turning 40 y'all...FORTY. Thank God and good genes for that baby face! hehehe!

I'll be sure to chronicle the weekend so as to share my day with you all.

Until then...Peace and Kweenly Love

5 scopers scoping:

No Labels said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Kali! I would like to be a butterfly on that get together. Have fun!

Mahoganydymond said...

Like I have said time and time again... You look good no matter what age you get... I know you will have a wonderful Birthday!!!!!!

Thee_Kween said...

@No Labels~ I definitely will. Monica...I'll hit you up. Perhaps you can make it. Details forthcoming...

@Mah~ You slay me with the love, lady. Love you dearly! ~mwah~

THANKS ladies!

Reggie said...

Now Kween you know 40 ain't old. Besids, you know that good black don't crack.

Thee_Kween said...

LOL I am COUNTING on black not cracking! lol

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