Randomosity: Midnight Meanderings

So, I'm the middle of the night...per usual.

I slept a little from 10 til 12ish and now I'll be up until around 4 or so. THAT means, I'm flipping back and forth between TV and Internet...more TV than Internet. I'm burning the midnight oil on tumblr and Pinterest with a little dip back and forth on Facebook, which means I'm shaking my head at the confuckery (confused fuckery) that seems to incessantly infect my feeds and dashboards. Goodness...

So, here it rare randoms:

1~ There's a LOT of angry little Black children on the net. I remember in my 20's when I was a political and informational zealot. Learn new things? Rage against the machine!!!! This shit is sickening though. They can't tell what they're maddest at...slut-shaming, Beyonce's light skin or gay marriage. Don't get me started with the arguments on natural hair. *hiss*boo*hush*

2~ Folks brag on the WRONG shit. UGH. I'll let you fill in the blanks...because I'd be here all morning...

3~ Muhfuggas forget REAL fast when their asses are happy, just how much of an annoying, sad, bitter and complaint-ho they were. I bet you dollars to donuts (whatever THAT means) ...that the moment they're boo-less, every social media outlet they're signed into will get the news that they're single and oh...fuck love! ~____~

4~ I can't believe how cliquish people still closed off to new friends.

5~ Food Porn 101: Don't take pics of food that aren't discernible. If your stew looks like shit and your potato salad looks like pig us the trouble of losing OUR last meal. #everyonesaphotographer

Why does this tickle me so?

6~ If I were Chris Bosh, I'd go to Tokyo...dressed in a Goofy costume...just to avoid the public. #lookslikebukkake #eww #hismoufwasopen

7~ Kind of connected to, I wish people would quit getting new on FB...especially if your ass has the timeline. There's scrolling PROOF that you're an UNSTABLE CREATURE! Quit acting like you fly above when you been slinging pigeon shit for the longest...

8~ It's a damn shame that and women alike, still play mental games. SO glad my ass is single.

9~ I want some folks to boycott Mob Wives. Since Basketball Wives is SO damn violent...go on and boycott them other chicks. The fighting on there is a LOT worse than the bickering and ATTEMPTS to fight on BW. Have y'all seen Drita connect with a chick's jaw? Hell, even them chicks on Jersey Shore have had it out...don't just single out the coloreds.

10~ I'm a rebel. I wore panties on No Panties Day and now...I'm drawlz-less. In yo FACE!

11~ There are kamikaze spiders in my room...

12~ I officially can't stand tumblr, Twitter & Facebook famous folks. You too good to respond to folks' comments? O__O

13~ I'm officially feenin' for an Avengers and Thor 2.

14~ While I'm on movies...I STILL love the end of First Wives Club! *it just went off*

15~ I'll leave you with this last one...why is it so easy for women to turn on each other?

So there you have it. A midnight random rant...courtesy of me, Kween. lol

Good night/morning!

5 scopers scoping:

♥ CG ♥ said...

A real rant that I can relate to. #5 had me cracking up...there are some photos that make me wanna...nevermind, you know. The same goes for feet. I'm not a footnaphobe (how ya like that word?), but all toes are not stamped cute because someone has a fresh pedi.

Thee_Kween said...

LOL!! I thought I was the only one who thought that, but I put away my foot snobbing because I know everyone's feet ain't cute BUT...why shouldn't they be proud of em? lol

No Labels said...

I am definitely in agreement with a lot of these. :)

Icnonlybme said...

CTFU!! You gon' leave Drita outta this!!!

Thee_Kween said...

@No Labels~ A lot of folks can...some of this was inspired by actual events. LOL

@Icnonlybme~ I love me some Drita, but she's NUTS. lol

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