I'm Beautifully Versatile...OW!

The lazy bean blogger I've been...I haven't rightfully and officially claimed the awards granted me, by Champ one of my fave Twitter constituents. He awarded both to me over a week ago and I never got around to accepting. THANK YOU, Champ for considering me for both. I very much appreciate that you see me as either and I also thank you for your support to my blogs.

I am supposed to list 7 Random Facts about it goes!

~I have a tendency to draw cats and babies. Both tend to lock eyes with me when seeing me in the street. Strange babies always want to wave and smile...and if they can talk they say hi immediately (sometimes even to the shock of their own parents). Cats will follow me all the way to their "invisible leash" on the block. I even meow, getting a meow in return :)

~I love to cook...and moderately love to eat...but, I prefer meatless meals. I often give my portion away at restaurants and will enjoy a meatless pasta dish quicker than one with meat included. I however DO have my moments when meat is the sole proprietor of my plate. lol

~I am weird. Some call me crazy (the fuckas) and for the more politically correct...I SEE shit. I love when people sleep on me. I love that folks think me gullible and naive. I see far more than anyone's mouth can be careful what you hide from me...that hidden detail sticks out like a sore thumb.

~I'm in love with's been that way since elementary school. YET, I secretly want to be a dolphin :)

~I'm mean. Yep. The kween is MEAN! I am sweet...but my spice is HABENERO hot. My tongue is legendarily sharp. I just so happen to know how to keep it bridled. *nodding like a true master*

~I am weak for one person in this mom. Fuck with her...and it's a wrap.

~I've been in love once in my 37 years...and it was with someone I never got to touch. Greatest lesson I've learned to date about love.

Champ picked 5 bloggers for each award...I'm going to pick 5 in total:

Butterfly Effect
Caprice Starbrite
Mr. Controversy

8 scopers scoping:

Butterfly Effect said...

Awww...thanks so much Kiwi. I can only dream of being a wonderful writer like you. I really appreciate it. ((((HUG))))) And I'm mean too..LOL

Da_Kween said...

You're welcome! Of course you're a wonderful writer. I love your point of view. Keep doing what you're doing. :)

Caprice Starbrite said...

Awww thanks for the mentioned on the award!! HUGS I'm surprised you picked the Erotic one instead of the tame one...hmmmmm...what does THAT mean?? LMAO But all in all...I ain't complaining!!

Love you Peaches!

ABoyd378 said...



I'm so overwhelmed with Emotions!! (Fight the tears of happiness, old boy! FIGHT 'EM!!) When I read your last 2 blogs, I see a lot of perspective and perception in your words and thoughts. And for your style of writing, I say Thank You. I'm still coming into my own, and very happy to see my thoughts roll in the way that they do. I'm going to keep pressing hard, for as long as you keep doing the same!

Now... How do I get my Award? LMAO!!

Da_Kween said...

@Caprice~ Maybe b/c I'm a lil freak *singing Usher* LOL...Love you, too!

@Andrew~ You're welcome...this is what you do. You claim the award by copying the images. You post them on the side of your blog (scroll down and look at the ones I've posted already)

You then write a blog and tag 5 more bloggers (or not) and post your 7 random things about yourself.

Alovelydai said...

Awwww thank you sweetie (b/c I needed something to write about LOL) ...I don't believe you have a sharp tongue...I just can't. You're awesome & sweet & that's how I'll think of you.

Afrodeezha said...

Thank you so much SiStar!! You know you and NyxVermillion inspired me to write more, so hopefully I can be like you two when I grow up! Wait...I'm older than both of you! I'm so flattered! You know I'm time challenged, so I promise to do my part before the long weekend is up!

Da_Kween said...

@Dai~ Girl, my tongue is NOT nice when I've been pushed, but if you want to remember me as sweet...SWEET! lol

@Deezha~ lol @ when you grow up! Crazy! Whenever you get a chance to do it will be fine. :)

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