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My lovely friend...Lamoi aka "Ms. Rubies" listed some of her beautiful places. I promised that I, too would list mine.  In this moment in beautiful moments are few and far between, captured in stills and lyrics. Always in the recesses though...lies beautiful places, things, people...emotions. Here are a few of mine...
In the pic a picture of the Pacific Ocean taken by my friend Chuck while in Cali for a Jets is now my wallpaper... dream vacay

My room...when music is playing and I'm singing and swaying...

Both grandma's houses...those ladies are the best!

The moment in time when his voice made my soul swim in anxious laps...

My backyard...during sunsets, sunrises, the 4th, and days when God's sky is showing out (my backyard overlooks mountains and a river)

My new's the beginning of beautiful things...

Any room when my mom, sis and I are laughing and enjoying each other's company...

The movies...screw bootleg and online...a TRUE movie buff loves the theater experience of the lights dimming, the previews, the credits and ALL...even the price. lol

My knee deep, mind clicking, story churning and coming alive at my finger tips...

In the arms of a precocious, bubbly 2 1/2 yr old. Laughing, playing and him pretending not to get what I'm saying. ::Hi, Syre::

A song...written by him...most likely not meant for me's still my favorite.

My heart...the most beautiful place of all...

3 scopers scoping:

Cook.ThePoet. said...

I love it! I saw her post too on that. I think imma have to join on the bandwagon with this one lol


ms.rubies said...

what a beautiful list, you made me daydream of sunsets and but you're right one's heart is one of the most beautiful places of all.

cook, for sure, i wanna creep your beautiful places.

Da_Kween said...

@Cook~ Yea, you know we all jump on the "tag" around here. LOL

@Ms. Rubies~ thank you...I'm beginning to really REALLY appreciate the beauty of being myself in a world of superficiality and unrealistic demands. I rest on the beauty of every moment nowadays. :)

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