Wondermentals: Love

This isn't a poem. I'd say its more like...fragmented, random thoughts...

I wonder...
why cant it be simple?
love who we want
who wants US...
follow our hearts
to the desires they're led by
be fulfilled in it
not just enveloped
left to suffocate in an illusion
why cant a man and a woman...
be in love
stay in love
close out the madness
the distraction
the greed
the jealousy
and close in on the joy
why cant the one you trust...
be trustworthy
is it too much to ask
for love to love you back
to take words
at their weight
meaning what they say
meaning more than they weigh?
why cant the simplicity
filter through perplexity?
sloughing off the hardness
giving way to a soft ease
a please
why cant it be...
that when love sets in
all walls tumble
and love humbles
fear's rumbles
and two unify
to be...
*one love, one're lucky if you have just one*
if I had a wish
for love's sake
I'd wish that
when love arrived
it would be invited in
once invited...
it would be hosted
with pleasure and thanks
once pleasured...
it would be nurtured
to grow and evolve
I'd wish for
us to be faithful to it
unafraid of it
truthful with it
I was just wondering...

2 scopers scoping:

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

my it reads like a poem to me! :)

very nice!

Da_Kween said...

LOL, yea...that's what I hear. I guess in my was just thoughts...thanks :)

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