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**This began as a status update on Google+ and I decided it was so lengthy (didn't mean to go on and on) that it made more sense to blog it and link it to my social media**

I have been a "militant" woman since I was 17 yrs old and experienced my first Black Studies class in Mt. Vernon High School. Learning the difference between complexions and features, in regards to what makes a beautiful (c) attractive face. Learning the difference between an Afro-Centric POV and a Euro-Centric POV. Unlearning to learn. I've been doing that for almost 30 years now (I'm 40 for those who don't know) and I've playfully called myself Kali X. I didn't believe in the justice system...and then OJ was acquitted. I then got to see biopics like Hurricane, and rescinded my shortly restored belief in progress. 

Last night's acquittal of Zimmerman stoked the flames of latent militancy in me. It's not that the other stories went unnoticed. I saw most of them. Praying for families and justice. I was incited and made sad by them all. Yet, something about this one was an awakening. It doesn't drown out the other lost lives and injustice. Not at all. One can feel strongly connected to something without overshadowing the next important thing. 

It's like people...

 Just because I have a connection with one over the other doesn't make the other insignificant. We can't see EVERY thing and know EVERY one. Don't be so hard on others for not seeing the other cases that are similar or as important to Trayvon's. We connect where we can. Just know that caring at ALL is something that needs respect. Especially, in a society where we're numb and desensitized to the news and it's daily casualties. That's lesson 101 in "Save our Community". STOP telling people how to care and how to rally. 

We've been conditioned for so many years to mind our business and protect home over everything else. A lot of us were raised in communities that valued the motto, "Snitches Get Stitches". It was encouraged to keep your opinion to yourself. Think of the days before the civil rights, where a Negro would see another being unjustly beat, punished or accused...and if he wanted to keep his and the lives of his family safe...he'd better pretend he didn't see it.

THAT kind of conditioning has been taught, subtly generation after generation. Kind of like how kids were taught to be seen and not heard. So, it's got to be understood at some point that it would be easiest for people to turn their heads. 

Back to my point. Due to that indoctrination of our's admirable when someone decides to put down the fear of retribution and pick up a petitioner's pen, or a picket sign, or a blackened profile pic. In whatever way someone can show support...respect that. Speaking against the efforts, however small...of other people is the VERY reason we can never come together and unify. SOME one always knows a better way and therein lies the start of division.

I've been quiet since the verdict. I've read the statuses, tweets, reblogs and Instagram pics and I've chosen to remain quiet til now. 

I don't know about anyone else...but this has created a fear in me. A good kind of fear though. An awareness, if you will. It's a re-awakening back to the knowledge of reality. We HAVE to start teaching our kids how to protect themselves. They have to understand that we're living in anarchy. It's not in full swing yet, but it will be. The Age of Aquarius dictates that in order for there to be peace...the old ways, the old foundation of government, history of politics, must be torn down. Only then can a new world be built. 

That was my thought today...maybe I'll come back and blog some more later. 

Peace, Kweendom

4 scopers scoping:

Angela Lykebudda White said...

well stated

No Labels said...

Very well spoken.

Reggie said...

Well stated Kween and I feel you.

...but, I don't have any fear. Not even a cold healthy dose of a racial probe in our proverbial asses this week gave me that.

All this does is remind me why I will NEVER see eye to eye with some of my fellow Americans. We're not the same. If we were, they'd know what it was like to be stopped by the cops for no apparent reason. They'd know the humiliation of being profiled for no other reason than because of the face I was born with. They'd understand that all that bullshit about all men being created equal and being endowed with certain inalienable all just nonsense and it doesn't apply to those of us with permanent suntans. That could have been MY SON, he's 23 years old. He's African American and he wears hoodies too. He likes to drink sweet iced tea and he likes Skittles too. When I think of all that racial profiling under the guise of "good police work", it makes me sick to my fucking stomach.

I say "fuck 'em and the horse they rode in on". That's where I was when this shit started and that's where I am now.

No, I didn't write a post about it either. I sat down to write one twice and I was so angry, I would have said things that I couldn't take back.

I hate many of my fellow Americans. The more I know many of them, the more I like roaches.

Thee_Kween said...

Thank you Budda and Monica...I appreciate it.

Reggie, you said nothing here that I'd argue. Not one. I'm with you.

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