30 Days of Days: Blog Challenge


As promised, I'm back with a blog challenge. It took me FOREVER to come up with it because every day was supposed to be dedicated to a day in the life of YOU (the blogger!).

This is how it goes. Every day you blog. For each day there is a topic to write on based on a day out of your life. Firsts, celebrations, get it. You can even tag each blog #30DayChallenge. Hey, if you don't want to it's okay. lol

You can take the poster (the above pic) and place it on your blog for the first day...after that, you can be creative and use whatever picture relates to what it is you're blogging on that day. You can invite whomever and how many you please. Hopefully, we'll all visit one another and be a support system...reminding each other to write and share.

Without further's the list of the days:

#1- a day containing your earliest memory

#2-a day in elementary school

#3- a day in middle school

#4- a day in high school

#5- the day you first fell in love

#6- the day you first held a job

#7- the day you found your first best friend

#8- a day you realized what you wanted to do/be

#9- the day you discovered the Internet

#10- a day you'd rather forget

#11- a daydream you have often

#12- a day you wish you could do differently

#13- a Christmas Day memory

#14- the day you hate to see coming

#15- the day you graduated (choose any that you remember most)

#16- the day of a child's birth (family or close friends apply)

#17- a day where you helped someone in a big way

#18- the last day of your first adult job

#19- your favorite day of the week and why

#20- the most memorable day of your childhood

#21- the day you met your most recent/or last love

#22- a day with the family you'll never forget

#23- the day you turned 21

#24- a memorable summer day

#25- a day you're currently planning for

#26- the day someone left and never came back (not death related)

#27- a day in your life (explain an average day of yours)

#28- the day you had your first fight. why?

#29- what you were doing today

#30-your proudest day to date

#31- Bonus Day: Pick a day you haven't described and share


4 scopers scoping:

Ms. Hunni said...

I swear you must have been feeling my spirit because I was on my way home a few days ago and all I could think is "I need a new blog challenge. I want to start on March 1... Let's see what I can find." Ha! Thanks Kween!

Now, to decide which blog I want to do this on. lol

Thee_Kween said...

YAY!! Welcome aboard sis!! Wherever you go, let us know so we can support you!

Reggie said...

Hmmmmmmmm, one of these days I'm gonna do one of these blog challenges Kween!!!

Thee_Kween said...

Come to the DARK SIDE, Lu...Reggie! It's not too late. You can do it! :D

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